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January 27, 2013

The new baby.

1:: you have a thing for the bling dear piper.
2:: ever helpful. a sibling is never without someone to love them.
3:: newest threads from the op. 
4:: hammock hangout.
5:: first bath.
6:: babies, babies, everywhere.
7:: sunflower. when we came home 24 hours after poppy arrived they were in bloom all over our little patch. the perfect welcome.
8:: with angel wings.
9:: another girl. another frilly bum to cover.

♡ ashley
joining up with em for weekly stills.


  1. i have just found your blog (via che and fidel) and it appears congratulations are in order, so congratulations!!! what a special time! your photos are lovely.

  2. oooh Ashley!! So so excited for you and that beautiful frilly bummed baby!

    I was looking at the photos thinking 'gimme, gimme, gimme!!' I'm SO ready for my own newborn again!

    Major blessings to you my friend :)

    xo em

  3. look at these darling girls! my heart bursts for you all and these wonderful (and hectic) new days of life. so gorgeous.

  4. Poppy is beautiful! You are your man definitely make gorgeous babies!

  5. Beautiful photos. Beautiful Girls. x

  6. visiting from Em's and what a wonderful post to get first up! A new baby! congratulations and what a sweet collections of photos. The smock and socks are divine, as is the serene gaze of Piper. wishing you a wonderful week enjoying your newest arrival x

  7. beautiful pics! what a sweet little bub, congrats! Love your girls names. bec

  8. Such sweet, sweet photos Ash.
    Hope your little one is settling in well.

  9. beautiful all the way down especially the baby in the moses basket! having cried myself to sleep last night with the realisation that no more babies are coming this way and husbands no is no and my age really is 44 i have soaked up your pictures like a crazy woman! so glad to find you via the linkup, of which i am still yet to participate in! now following xxxxx

  10. So incredibly beautiful! Congratulations on your newest bundle xx

  11. Oh my. Look at your days. There is nothing like those first two weeks...nothing. Soak it all in. Xx

  12. Oh Ashley, your pics are making me cluck cluck clucky. Stunning photos. Your little Poppy is simply divine xo

  13. A slightly belated CONGRATULATIONS! What a gorgeous little bundle. She is just perfect and what a great big sister Piper looks to be. Lovely x

  14. Sigh. What Kristi said. Soak in it.


  15. Gorgeous photos and an even more gorgeous baby... SOOOOO sweet! Soak in all that newborn-ness :)

  16. All the photographs in this blog post are quite impressive. But i like the second one of the two cute girls.

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