get outside // family sunday.

October 11, 2016

Trying to find that elusive work/life balance has been tricky. With a house reno (constant), and other grown up jobs it can be hard to find time for time. 
So we made a promise to spend Sunday together. Sometimes this may be that we have to go to a birthday party or other "function" but mostly just exploring our beautiful "backyard." 
This past Sunday was a huge beach walk/hike, fish and chips on the river and a round of mini golf (not recommended for Happy Gilmore behaviour prone 3 year olds though!)
x ashley 


backyard bliss // our springfree trampoline and tgoma.

October 10, 2016

There is nothing we treasure more than being able to spend time at home, being active. As a family we spend at least one day every weekend gardening and playing in our yard and had been thinking about getting a Spring Free Trampoline for a long time. After recently taking the plunge I have to say, it is bliss. The kids are out there on weekends and everyday after school. They bounce and cloud watch and giggle constantly.
We also got the tgoma, the first outdoor interactive digital gaming system for trampolines. As a minimal screen use family, being able to have screen time in an active environment is so cool. The kids love to control the games with their movements. Find out more here.
With Christmas creeping this way, this is the gift that will keep on giving.
Bounce bounce.
x ashley


vitamin sea / get outside.

September 26, 2016

There is nothing as soothing as a trip to the sea. We love the sunshine but something about overcast days and salty air is soul food all the same. Especially when your companions are tiny sea fairies, frolicking, splashing and soaking up being little.


waste free lunches // planet box review.

We have been using PlanetBox lunch boxes for a few years now and are totally in love with them. Being able to buy food in bulk and save both money and rubbish production are top priorities in our home so this lunch box is perfect.
We try and vary the items daily and fill them with colours and textures to appeal to my girls. Since using them they come home 90% of the time completely empty and tummies full.
I don't have to fiddle with a pile of different containers to wash and dry and can put the whole thing in the dishwasher. We have the rover and launch and love them both.
Here are some of our meals...oh and Piper modelling the insulated bag!
 carrot and capsicum, watermelon and strawberries, wood fired fruit loaf and butter (this was for a morning tea date)
hummus, almonds, berries, veggies, grain free cookies, quinoa crackers
veggie sticks, avocado sushi, coconut yogurt, japanese tofu, fruit, bagel chips

find planet box here or Australian stockist here.
xo ashley 


simplify me // 5 things making our home life simpler and easier.

June 7, 2016

After being in this old house for a full year now. We went all hands on deck these past few weeks and cleared out (most) of the remaining clutter. Focusing on everything finding a home and the rest earning us a bit of money to start saving for our next (and much needed) reno project.

Here are a few of the tricks we have found along the way to making space to breathe in our home.

1. Leave some shelves empty.

We tend to fill drawers and shelves with stuff. Habit, hoarding, whatever reason, if we have somewhere to hide something we will use it. We have a few unused spaces and they make my mind feel less cluttered and like I have space to move through my thoughts and to dos.
We have no built-ins so each of us has a single wardrobe. In it are clothing for both seasons, accessories and a laundry hamper.

2. Sell it.

A lot of the things we keep for memories do little to spark them. We have a tub of keepsakes each and the rest have been released. Our memories and moments are in our minds and with less upkeep and "stuff" we have the space for creating more memories. Plus we made a pretty little nest egg for our next big spend.

3. Don't organise.

I have one box for paperwork I have to keep. It's not neatly filed. It has insurance papers, vet records, birth certificates, all those things mixed in it. If I need them they are there and I am not juggling them monthly. Any other papers (bills/invites etc) are in one big magnetic clip on the fridge. Most of my documents are sent to me online and can be found again there.

4. Use plants.

Instead of fancy decor items, if a surface looks too empty we have used a plant to decorate. One simple potted plant makes the room pretty and the air clean. Feng shui at her finest.

5. Natural is always better.

We have carefully curated so we are minimal in the plastic and synthetics in our home. Natural rugs and throws of wool, hemp and cotton. Woven baskets. Wooden toys. These all make our home calmer and feel softer.

This simple old home and way is leading us to more time for getting things done, like bush walks and cookie baking and nights are less frantic packing away and juggling things. This quote is my newest and biggest influence on this part of my journey. 

“If you watched a movie about a guy who wanted a Volvo and worked for years to get it, you wouldn’t cry at the end when he drove off the lot, testing the windshield wipers. You wouldn’t tell your friends you saw a beautiful movie or go home and put a record on to think about the story you’d seen. The truth is, you wouldn’t remember that movie a week later, except you’d feel robbed and want your money back. Nobody cries at the end of a movie about a guy who wants a Volvo. But we spend years actually living those stories, and expect our lives to be meaningful. The truth is, if what we choose to do with our lives won’t make a story meaningful, it won’t make a life meaningful either” – Donald Miller: A Million Miles in a Thousand Years


a new year.

January 30, 2016

I love the potential a fresh year holds. Like the flick of a calendar page means all sins are forgiven and we have the potential to emerge fresh and new. Which is part true, but takes some focus and direction.
I have never been one for resolutions. I am superb at making them, setting up ideas and hoping with all my might I figure out how to lose 30 pounds while earning thousands of dollars sitting on my bottom. Then accepting my failure at these changes I give up and stride along waiting for another excuse to dream about change.
This year I have no resolutions, I have some goals and ideas but I am not blowing them up into solutions for the bits of my life that bother me. I am accepting and finding happiness in the now. This moment. With my robust bottom and tiny bank balance.
Living in the now.



December 9, 2015

As a follow on to my gift guide for 5-7 year olds, I have searched high and low for some lovely and ethical items for the littler people in your life. Following the same simple rule of "something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read" we will be gifting our little Poppy a few keepsake items made with love and to be loved for a long time. I hope you enjoy this second round up of ideas.

1. Ostheimer wooden horse from Oliver's Twisty Tales // We have a handful of these beautiful wooden toys and they are always played with and when not look beautiful to adorn a shelf or dresser.

2. Oli & Carol forest animals from Wild & Whimsical Things // Made from natural hevea trees, these toys are safe to whew on, use in the bath or for any imaginative play.

3. Musical Marble Tree from Dragonfly Toys //  This marble tree plays beautiful clinking sounds when a marble is dropped in from the top. Brilliant for grown-ups too!

4. Wooden Australiana Puzzle from Shorties // Adorable vintage looking puzzle to start your little traveller dreaming about their next adventure.

5. Heirloom Bonnet from Mountain Honey Clothier // These bonnets are so loved by Poppy and come with ears that can be changed and is two sided so can be reversed. Handmade with love it is a keepsake and looks delicious on toddlers.

6. Wooden Stacking Boxes from Mr Wolf Kids // Stack, knock down, repeat. Fill with little collections, hideaway little toys. So open ended and well constructed. These will be loved and used often.

7. Wooden camera from Fanny & Alexander // These beautiful wooden toys can be taken on bush walks and adventures and encourage little ones to focus on tiny details in nature and "capture" them through the push of a button.

8. Maileg Baby Mouse in a box from Wild & Whimsical Things // Both of my girls have a handful of mailer mice and bunnies and treat them like real tiny babies, tucking them into their boxes for nighttime sleeps and cuddles.

9. Fleece Skirt from Bobo Choses // It's no secret and we adore our Bobo. This skirt has pockets for hiding little treasures and gems found on walks and has a beautiful mustard print. Swoon.

10. Enamel Mug from Bobo Choses // Hot cocoa, camping trips, water for naps, these little mugs are the perfect size for tiny hands and can take a banging.

11. Mini Saucepan Set from Oliver's Twisty Tales // Adorable toddler sized set for cooking up stews, and treats for all their wee friends.

12. Wooden Kitchen from Honeybee Toys // Beautifully constructed wooden stove with lovely details for your little chef. I can picture my grandkids playing with this one day.

13. Play silks from Sarah's Silks // Every home needs a handful of these, they feel beautiful and can be anything. Capes, baby blankets, oceans, table cloths, baby slings, the ideas are endless and inspiring.

14. Organic Fleece Friends by Mountain Honey Clothier // Made from the leftover scraps after making her beautiful bonnets, these tiny bears are beautiful and delicate and treasures for tiny hands.

15. Lyra Ferby Coloured Pencils from Wild & Whimsical Things // We started using Lyra pencils a while ago and never use anything else. High quality and these ones are shorter and fatter for tiny hands to grip.

16. Little Fairy Can't Sleep from Dragonfly Toys // A magical, dream inducing bedtime story.

17. Black + White Stars Nightie from G.Nancy // Poppy's favourite nightie and so well made.

I hope you find some inspirations here and remember that the biggest gift is time with you, so give that first and always. x


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