December 6, 2014

week 49 of 2014.

I just don't make it to this space often anymore. I suppose I am too busy making healthy meals, cuddling little people who are growing too quickly, and savouring the free moments away from the computer. I can feel a change coming for 2015. I can't wait to embrace it. This year has kicked my ass. I am ready to start fresh, shed some layers and suck the marrow back out of life. Until then will be here when it suits me. Hopefully more often. x

November 21, 2014 // a free video pitching platform.

I have a true love affair with all things handmade and small businesses having a go at the big world of selling and marketing. Having bought from young businesses countless times, I am so intrigued by the newest online selling platform

Pitchi is an innovative selling platform that uses video to help people buy and sell online. It allows people to engage with each other in an interactive manner. Essentially providing a venue for sellers to pitch their products to others through the use of videos. Like a modern brick and mortar shop, Pitchi lets buyers see and "meet" the sellers. 

The best part? It is completely free to use. Young businesses and entrepreneurs can use Pitchi to sell their products to a mass audience without investing a cent. It is a playground for connection and support for sellers and buyers alike. 

Video is the tool and drive behind Pitchi. It can make us laugh, cry, inspired. It captivates and captures viewers. Instead of the online listing of products, buyers can connect and find products they adore through the people making them. 

Here are a few of my favourite "pitches"

Check out Pitchi's manifesto here. Be inspired. Go connect. Pitch it.

This post was in collaboration with Pitchi.

Happy Friday folks. 
♡ ashley

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November 20, 2014

wearing // poppy // bossy little boots

headband: fox + cradle, top: seed heritage, bloomers: the gap, moccasins: little bossy boots

When Little Bossy Boots sent Poppy a pair of moccasins we were stoked to give them a try. They are a lovely little Australian quality creating a top quality product. The moccs are soft and fit well, easy to slip on and hard for little ones to tear off!

The animal print (ours are zebra) are very cute and work well for many outfits, especially the current trendy mono (black and white). Handmade in Melbourne and arriving in a little lunch box sized tin the $40 price point is reasonable and would make a great little person gift.

Poppy gives Little Bossy Boots one lollipop up (which is a very good thing!)

Find more wearing posts here, here and here.

Happy nearly weekend folks.

♡ ashley

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November 16, 2014

christmas gift guide // for men.

I think at times that men can be one of the more challenging people to buy for. They don't tend to be big on knick knacks and trinkets and gift cards to the hardware store are a bit boring to me. I know most men want things that are simple and useful. These are some of the lovely finds for the guys in your life.

one // The Henley Back Pocket Flask*. The flask is steel and has a durable canvas cover. My other half thinks this is the ultimate camping accessory!

two // The Jungle Long Sleeve by T.C.S.S*. a brand started in a little beach cottage on the east coast. Long sleeves never go amiss around here. Lazy Friday night uniform and a quick throw on with some board shorts for the beach, this one is a fun print and fit. Oh and save 40% off all men's clothing with the code MENS40.

three // The Number Print by Burbia. I love this business. The owner and creator of prints, Greg, is just a good guy and deserves to sell a gazillion of his amazing prints. The number print is the perfect "man" gift. Choose his favourite athletes jersey number, your address, the date you got married, a lucky number. Any combo to make a piece of art that looks sleek but has meaning.

four // Whiskers Skull Tumblers*. Obviously!

five // Glass Tall Keep Cup*. We love to make our own take away coffees and this Keep Cup looks stylish and helps keep the earth smiling.

six // Status Anxiety Lumberjack Backpack*. Lumberjacks are cool. So is this bag.

seven // Winter's Done by Daniel Woodrell. Woodrell has been called the modern day Mark Twain, this book would be perfect for Sunday afternoon downtime.

eight // Henley Brands Leather Flashlight*. This light is rugged and streamlined. Simple in design it would look great on your bedside table and have purpose too. Winning.

Happy Shopping.
♡ ashley

*We get a small payment when items are purchased from these links. Thank-you for supporting the businesses that support us. x

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November 12, 2014

Setting up a dreamy nursery- some pretty decorating ideas // and a giveaway not to be missed!!

I have this little dream. A future plan up my sleeve. I would LOVE to one day spend my time as children's interior stylist & decorator. To create spaces that make little hearts flutter and imaginations run amok. That make mums and dads smile when they walk past the bedroom door or sit in the rocking chair holding their bundle of perfection. I spend countless hours on pinterest checking out inspiring rooms and ideas. I play around with the girls' rooms constantly. Changing, moving, making. And one day it is what I know I will be doing in other homes too. Somehow. One day.

Here are a few of my favourites when it comes to making a dreamy space. A collection of photos from many stages of the girls' spaces.
Beautiful prints and artwork. We love etsy for finding the perfect unique and budget friendly prints. The lovely hot air balloon is from Oliver's Twisty Tales and makes the room whimsical and fun.
Wall shelves. You can make a such an impact with a few simple shelves. We filled the little houses with knick knacks and toys and lined with floral gift wrap. An Ikea spice rack to store favourite soft toys and turned upside down becomes a little clothes rack for baby. I adore Ikea's picture ledges for displaying books and have one in Piper's room. If I ever make another nursery I will be using one for board books and little toys. Pops of colour that can be changed when the mood strikes.
Handmade buntings, dream catchers and mobiles allow you to make things pretty in your own signature way. The bunting above is from Steph and the dream catcher a simple creation.
I love vintage sheets. You can find simple tutorials to make cot sheets online and can turn fun fabrics and old sheets into something new and wonderful.
A little nightlight to make bedtime calm and soothing, Heico lamps are just beautiful. Nothing compares to them. We have a toadstool in each of the girls' rooms and use them for bedtime stories and Poppy falls asleep with hers alight.
One can never have enough baskets. These ones were spray painted to add some fun and store sleeping bags, wraps and toys.
Every nursery needs a beautiful rug (or two) they make soft crawling space and the perfect little play spot.
And of course a sleeping baby (drool and all!)

For some more nursery set up advice you can check out QVs Nursery 1010 video here.

The team at QV skincare asked me if I would be keen to offer my gorgeous readers the opportunity to have a one-hour free consultation with the incredibly talented Nicole of Little Liberty and I knew it was a perfect fit. Little Liberty is an interior decorating business focused on creating children's spaces that are unique, practical and fun. The winner will have a one hour consult via email or Skype.

Along with the consultation, one lucky winner will score a $150 gift hamper of QV products, including the new baby range and a set of lovely Ava Baskets from Pumpkin Patch (as seen in the Nursery 101 video.)

Hello dream giveaway! Total Value $390 AUD!

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Open Australia wide!

Have a beautiful week.
♡ ashley

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October 31, 2014

snack ideas for kids // real + whole food choices.

Last weekend, I packed the pram up with a swimming lessons bag, sun hats, a picnic rug (just in case), water bottles and some yummy, filling and healthy snacks for my precious two.

Thought I'd share the treat ideas here. Simple but yummy for the big and little kids in your home.

one // medjool dates
two // goji berries & pepitas
three // raw cashews
four // raw coconut brownies: the best recipe we have found here.
five // strawberries (on a side note- straws are the best way to get rid of the green. pop it through the centre, bam!)
six // kefir water: orange and ginger
seven // home popped stovetop popcorn (we do ours in coconut oil with plenty of sea salt)
eight // chia (gf) crackers with avocado and a squeeze of lemon

Tonight is trick or treating, a far cry from the treats above. Happy Halloween!
♡ ashley

October 29, 2014

our (current) top 5 books for kids.

One thing we can never get enough of in our home is good children's books. As both a teacher and mum, finding a story that is beautifully illustrated and filled with imagination is simply divine. Here are our top 5 that may inspire you to be a perfect gift for the coming silly season! All can be found at the Australian based bookshop BookWorld online now. For even more ideas, check out our top 5 kids books for grown-ups here and a Christmas edition here.

written by Felipe Cano & Laila Aguilar

A celebration of the fun side of being a kid. From jumping on beds, to drawing faces on thousands of balloons, to picking a new favourite colour, we follow cheeky Camille in her tutu and top hat through the perfect little person day. This book is read every. single. night. in our house and is adored by Piper (and I still love it too!)

written & illustrated by Molly Idle

A book with no words and told through the beautiful illustrations and lift-the-flaps, it tells the story of a little girl learning all about friendship through an elaborate and synchronised dance.  Funny and light-hearted the characters are an absolute delight for young and old.

written by Glenda Millard & illustrated by Rebecca Cool

Come summer we spend 90% of our time barefoot and exploring our garden. This magical tale follows the journey of seeds growing and changing with the seasons. The beautiful artwork from the talented Rebecca Cool makes this book just breathtaking to read and savour.

written by Christie Matheson

This book is so clever! It is an interactive story that begins with a brown tree standing lonely and plain. As you turn the pages the writer asks you to tap the tree and like magic leaves sprout, jiggle for blossoms and on it goes.  Simple and fun my girls just adore this story.

written by Nina Greuner & photography by Stephanie Rausser

A sweet little story about a girl and her rag doll. It follows them on the adventures from a busy city life to a family camping adventure and is illustrated through beautiful photographs. Pure magic for a little lady. This is on our must order list for Christmas as Father Christmas' little elves have been busily sewing Piper a Jess Brown doll of her own!

Happy reading, for some more fab children's book ideas pop over here, plenty of inspiring lists.
♡ ashley
This post was in collaboration with BookWorld.