weekly stills.

January 6, 2013

our summer holidays continue, slow starts, sunny beaches, good food, and simple slow days. perfection.

1:: double coconut muffin.
2:: 52 project- outtake.
3:: little lunch: muffin, bbq corn, veggie dog, mango and yogurt.
4:: farmers markets booty.
5:: polenta chicken caesar salad (jamie oliver's 15 minute meals was under the tree this year:))
6:: fairy twirling her wand.
7:: brilliance.
8:: flashback- 36 weeks ago {aka: hurry up!}.
9:: tomato, vinegar, olive oil and herbs on toasted home baked bread.
10:: dad's have this thing with throwing small people, don't they?!

♡ ashley

joining up with em for weekly stills.

apologies to anyone who follows me on instagram. a few repeats.


  1. I've had that chicken polenta Caesar salad- Jamie's awesome isn't he?

  2. Ash these are gorgeous! I could reach in a have a taste of all those yummy goodies. Hope it stays cool for you in this final stretch. WIshing you happy, slow days :) x

  3. I wish that was *my* lunch box - yum yum! And yes, Dad's do have a thing for throwing small people - scares the wits out of me sometimes when Mark throws E up over the floorboards or the concrete outside! Worry wart I am ;) I hope these last few days are restful for you lovely lady xxx

  4. Oh I am missing fresh tomatoes! Great collection of images.

    xox Lilly

  5. 36 weeks- dude, you're on the homeward stretch! But... being super preg in super summer- no, it's not cool.

    I can't help but say- every time I visit your blog and can't help but breathe in the spring scents of your blog header, so beautiful.

    xo em

    p.s thanks so much for joining in.

    1. 40 weeks! That test was from 36 weeks ago:)

  6. i love the weekly stills! i just starting doing sunday stills.

    great shots ;)

  7. Okay now go have that baby already. Xx

  8. Great summer foods there....all the best for the big event. x

  9. Such lovely shots! I especially like the look of that 'little lunch.' How exciting that you're so close! Those last weeks do drag by a little sometimes, don't they? Wishing you all the best, Ashley!
    Ronnie xo



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