a new year.

January 30, 2016

I love the potential a fresh year holds. Like the flick of a calendar page means all sins are forgiven and we have the potential to emerge fresh and new. Which is part true, but takes some focus and direction.
I have never been one for resolutions. I am superb at making them, setting up ideas and hoping with all my might I figure out how to lose 30 pounds while earning thousands of dollars sitting on my bottom. Then accepting my failure at these changes I give up and stride along waiting for another excuse to dream about change.
This year I have no resolutions, I have some goals and ideas but I am not blowing them up into solutions for the bits of my life that bother me. I am accepting and finding happiness in the now. This moment. With my robust bottom and tiny bank balance.
Living in the now.


  1. hehe..with my robust bottom and tiny bank balance! Ooo this made me snort and giggle. What a beautiful intention, to enjoy the moment and live in the now.
    Wonderful post



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