salty soul food

October 14, 2015

If there is one thing this family agrees on it is that the sea cures all that ails us. From physical to emotional, we can never escape our yearning to have sand beneath our feet and the salty taste on our lips.
This old house continues to deliver surprises of the most challenging kind. Just the other day I could hear a drip in the laundry basin only to discover a hole in the drywall where the back of the basin cabinet is missing. Rotten through. It sits, along with the half torn out bathroom in the middle of the home as we scramble to push the numbers and figure a way to fix it all and keep me at home, raising the little people we so want to be in this old home.
But that old mate stress and regret is so buried in the past. I am learning to breathe in lessons learnt and the joy of discovering purpose and place. That things will be okay, even if they aren't okay in the way we initially think is "right" and direction can change and shift and sway with the simple changes of a water leak. I will sway with it.
Except for sister sea. She remains reliable and soothing and all consuming. My ultimate meditation. Staring at her as she washes any worries away. Something I know I have passed on to my water babies. Salty soul food.


  1. I like how you speak about dealing with stress; to sway with the unexpected problems is beautiful. It is such a happier way to live for sure and I have learnt to sway with life in the past few years. Lovely photos of your girls



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