August 13, 2015

I have really been all over the place lately and haven't been able to settle into a consistent peaceful thought. My ears are ringing in unsettled thought, questioning my path and the choices we make. I know I have read before that creative people are also the ones who have trouble finding inner peace, their minds forever racing with thoughts and ideas. I crave to just run away with my family and find a new place to start again. I don't know what is causing that feeling but it is lingering. It is probably hormones, or some sort of existential crisis. I know I need to slow it down. To find peace in my place (speaking of, this home is rooted in my soul, I know it is one of the places we belong right now) but I can't get past the need to figure it all out. Being a big kid is messy.


  1. Yeah, I get this Ashley. Always with the itchy feet here too. We need more space, completely crowded out in our tiny terrace here. But I love being close to the coast, so there is always a trade off. Hoping you can find some inner peace real soon lovely :) xo

  2. I'm right there with you. Love the last sentence of this post. It's sooooo messy sometimes.



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