taking stock // may.

May 12, 2015

Making : bone broth
Cooking : soups (this one is my all time favourite)
Drinking : tea (earl grey)
Reading: old favourite blogs and my book club book Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons
Wanting: a hand knit cardigan
Looking: tired
Playing: with my girls, daily
Deciding: what to do with our kitchen
Wishing: for another three day weekend 
Enjoying: raw honeycomb
Waiting: for the kettle to boil
Liking: the colours mustard and russet
Wondering: if we will be blessed with another child one day
Loving: life
Pondering: some travel
Buying: organic vegetables and meat
Watching: american horror story

Hoping: mom can come next year
Autumn has been good to us. Hope for you too.

Marvelling: at how the universe will deliver what you wish for sometimes
Cringing: at all the runny noses in my home
Needing: some alone time
Questioning: my dreams
Smelling: our wood fire and the beautiful perfume I was given for mothers day (serge lutens-un bois vanilla)
Wearing: ugg boots and messy ponytails 
Following: poppy around in the garden
Noticing: the change of season
Knowing: that life is good
Thinking: about all the things we need to do to this old home
Admiring: my beautiful man
Sorting: the still not unpacked cardboard boxes
Getting: excited for the coming months
Bookmarking: beautiful kitchens and knitting projects
Coveting: an heirloom quilt
Disliking: grumpy + judgemental people
Opening: my heart
Giggling: at poppy and her imaginary (and occasionally ferocious) cat
Feeling: passionate and inspired
Snacking: on roasted seaweed and home dried apples 
Wishing: the housework would do itself today!Helping: myself to a square of dark chocolate
Hearing:  the beautiful voice of stevie nicks on repeat around here

inspired by meet me at mikes.


  1. Replies
    1. This is making me wish for hot tea and nutritious nibbles... And an Australian Autumn (I'll settle for a Scottish Spring if only it'd get a move on ;) ) Sounds like you and yours are enjoying your new home :) <3 Holly xx

  2. Ahhh my fellow earl grey tea drinking friend! Oh and that photo of the girls by the door, oh my heart melting! xx

  3. It is sooo lovely to see you back in this space sharing a little bit about you and your life with your little ones, yay:) xxx

  4. Lovely list Ashley, good rundown of the goings on's :) I'm cringing at all the runny noses (& horrible coughs, especially at nighttime) in my house too :( AND I dislike grumpy & judgemental people with you all the way. If I find that housework fairy (because I am wishing I didn't always have to be doing the cleaning too!) I'll send him/her over to you :) xo



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