August 16, 2014

what poppy wore // love to dream inventa sleeping bag.

Inventa Sleeping Bag c/o Love to Dream

There are two bits of uniform our house has not been without since Piper came crashing into our lives 4 years ago. The onesie in any colour and texture under the rainbow and the sleeping bag. Keeping baby warm and cosy with all the bed gymnastics can be tough but this simple zip up device stays on, so no waking cold. Winning. The fact that you can then watch bub stumble about like Maggie Simpson a further bonus!

Love to Dream has made a very innovative and clever sleeping bag with handy air vents that zip open to adjust temperature without disturbing your little one. Cute clouds, stripes and love hearts, available in blue, pink or taupe and in lite, mid and warm, these bags have the little one in your world covered.

Filled with environmentally friendly bamboo fill, you can feel okay about what it is doing to the world and your babies' skin.

Find them here.
♡ ashley

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  1. Your little Poppy is a gorgeous doll. Lovely photos & the sleeping bag looks both cute and cosy :) xo