August 17, 2014

stills // the birds are starting to sing out spring.

1 // just what you need when there is too much washing to do and work on the list. ditch it for the beach and time together.
2 // picnic. piper said "this is my best day ever." i love that nearly everyday is.
3 // gnomes, fairies, enid blyton. all loved by miss piper.
4 // baby it's cold outside.
5 // our house is being taken over by fairies and animals.
6 // we eat so well, my main weakness...CHIPS...or these crisps by tyrrell's -you gots to try em.
7 // training.
8 // matchy match.

linking up with pretty em.
chips c/o Tyrrell's

Thanks to the folks at Tommee Tippee you can win a nursery humidifier here. yay!


  1. Love the fairy invasion & what a gorgeous selection of books!

  2. Ohhh love these images, so much colour & vibrance. My boys love a picnic, any excuse to put together a few snacks & eat on the grass in the great outdoors and they are there! Chippies are my weakness too...and those ones look damn tasty, thanks for the tip! :) xo