essential oils around the family home // a users guide.

June 6, 2014

I have been learning about and using essential oils for quite a while now. A few have remained favourites around these parts. Their uses amazing and purposes many. Many probably know these ones, but for some, there is hopefully an aha! moment to be found in what follows.

Here are a few of the essential oils to have on hand in any home.

Lavender Oil.
We love this one. -we keep two bottles, one in the first aid kit and one in the laundry for cleaning and washing-

1. Soothes insect bites and irritations.
2. A few drops on the pillow help little (and big) people fade off to sleep more quickly and peacefully.
3. Add a few drops of lavender to the mattress when you change the sheets. The aroma will linger in the bedroom for a sense of calm and fresh.
4. Helps relieve cuts and scrapes.
5. Pamper you and yours in the bath tub with 5 drops in a hot bath in the evening.
6. Put a few drops in your dish soap and linger at the sink for it's aromatherapy benefits and antibacterial properties.

Peppermint Oil.
Keep it in your first aid kit.

1. Just a drop rubbed on an upset tummy can soothe and settle.
2. Add a few drops to your morning shampoo to perk you up and energise for the day.
3. A few drops rubbed into your temple, neck and sinuses helps to ease tension headaches.
4. Add a few drops to a spray bottle of water to scare off ants, aphids and even cockroaches.

This one is lovely and zippy.

Jasmine Oil.
A lovely organic oil here.

1. Apply to the abdomen to help battle against PMS.
2. Apply to pulse points to soothe nervous tension.
3. Put one or two drops in your moisturiser and apply to fine lines and wrinkles (ahem.)

Eucalyptus Oil.
This is our other "go to" oil. A bottle under the sink and in the laundry. Ours come from here.

1. Combine with peppermint and lemon to make a divine cleaning spray.
2. Mix with sweet almond oil to make a chest rub to help clear breathing.
3. Massage on sore muscles.
4. Apply to a moistened cloth and use to remove the sticky residue of labels and stickers.
5. Mix into your dogs shampoo to keep fleas away.

Do you have a favourite oil/ use? Would love to hear it!

♡ ashley


  1. I use lavender and eucalyptus a lot too, and I add tea tree oil into my vinegar spray and wipe. A few months ago I started cleansing my face with oil and add a few drops of rose geranium, it is meant to sooth and moisturise sensitive dry skin and it smells lovely.

    1. I have heard some really great things about rose geranium...must add to the wish list! xx

  2. Thankyou for all this information :) I've been meaning to look into essential oils and start using them in our home for quite some time now and this has really inspired and motivated me!

    1. oh yay. let me know if you have some success! xx



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