right now // 5 things.

April 8, 2014

1 \\ winter woollens. washed in eucalyptus and ready to wrap little bodies in warmth.
2 \\ a sunsuit for poppy. to wear with a merino long sleeve and woollen tights.
3 \\ bedside books at the ready for a healthy dose of hibernation. hand creams for wind swept mum hands.
4 \\ a dried artichoke from a summer ended garden. oil, salve and homeopathics to protect our home and bodies.
5 \\ the morning light. slow and gentle. how i wish all our mornings could match it.

I can feel winter creeping in. It's amazing how quickly my home adapts to the seasonal change through changing rhythms. It's not something we think about. It happens naturally, a seasonal evolution, pulling warm layers from storage, piling books to be read on the bedside table, casting on my next project, the sun waking up ever so slowly changing the light to dim in the morning. Winter is long and wet but always starts with welcome arms. I am ready to hide away. To nest and bloom within my home before it is time to emerge and embrace the next season. Are you at the winter ready? To the dwellers at the other end of the globe- welcoming spring- may she be full of kindness.

♡ ashley


  1. Winter is my least favourite season! I will try to look for the positives this year so I don't get the Winter blues.....skirts with tights and boots, scarves, slow cooked belly warming meals, time in the garden without melting, getting cozy on the lounge with some crochet and as much as I hate lighting the fire it is nice when it's going - I feel better all ready!!

  2. I love winter - it feels like I very much need it, the slowing down, reflection and turning within for answers. An ever-growing pile of books on my bedside too xx

  3. Would love to see that "sunsuit" when you're finished. Lots of good stuff here.

  4. Beautiful. I do enjoy Autumn and we have had little snippets here and there of change but not a lot up here sadly. It looks like you are nice and ready for the change of season. Your yarn is such a beautiful colour too:) Have a wonderful week Ashley. x

  5. Winter, it just can't come soon enough for me. I can't wait to rug me and the boy up and to cuddle up under quilts.
    I'm very envious of your knitting efforts. Love the colour.

  6. I'm so happy it's finally cooler, feels like fall (a warm vancouver fall) ;)

  7. I have started to knit to get ready for winter. I normally love summer but I am over the heat!



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