camping with little people // Part 1: Food (+ 3 step salad recipes).

April 4, 2014

I love camping. Partly because once the tent is pitched and a drink is poured life gets pretty simple. It is all about simple things. Playing, eating, spending time. The suck the marrow out of life things that make you happy. The other part I like about camping is that when we get home from living in a tent I really appreciate how lucky we are to have a home, warm bed, fridge and the rest of the luxuries in my life that I tend to take for granted.

The packing part...not so much love. It's an art of balancing too little with too much. I am slowly mastering it. Here is what we are packing for food to feed our hungry pack.

FOOD // 
Night one: We are planning to have a little BBQ with a few of the families making a sesame burger and sauce mix and bringing buns. I am on salad duty. Find my 3 step recipes for bean and pasta salad below.  Because packing up for camping with two small people cannot handle anything that is more than 3 steps. I also bring a baby fast food ravioli just in case prep takes too long for my perpetually ravenous one year old.

Night two: Take-away fish and chips. Yup, okay, we are glamping but still!

Breakfasts: simple. muesli and milk. ovaltine. coffee + tea. fruit. orange juice and a scoop of super greens.

Morning Tea: hot cross buns. fruit.

Lunch: bakery visit (see, glamping!)

Snacks: almonds. dried fruit straps. fresh fruit. cheese puffs. rice crackers + hummus. tuna. fresh cucumber. chocolate. yogurt and homemade apple sauce in squeeze tubes.
My girls LOVE anything that comes in a squeeze tube (especially fruit and yogurt.) Between the environmental cost of throwing away a tube after each use and the enormous price, they are thumbs down for waste. Clever Sunshine Coast mum Sam came up with the coolest solution in Sinchies. I dish our yogurt (often this recipe) and fruit purees into them and the girls think they are having a very special treat. Thumbs up. Find them here. If I find some extra time today I will be adding this adult Sinchies recipe to the camping mix.

Behold: Friday night 3 step salads.

camper friendly bean salad. (adapted from here)

3 c. fresh green beans- chopped into bite size pieces and quickly steamed to pretty green.
1 tin kidney beans (drained and rinsed)
1 tin chick peas (drained and rinsed)
1 tin diced beetroot-drained
1 diced red capsicum
1 diced green capsicum
1/2 red onion chopped finely
finely chopped coriander


1/2 c. olive oil
1/2 c. apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp raw sugar
salt + pepper
1 tsp. dijon mustard

1 // mix together the beans and veggies.
2 // heat the dressing on the stove top.
3 // mix and keep refrigerated. overnight is great but so is the same day if you don't have the chance to prep.

simple pasta salad (adapted from here)- as seen in photo above

bag pasta
olive oil
dried mixed italian herbs
salt + pepper
1 diced zucchini
1 diced red capsicum
1 diced green capsicum
1/2 diced red onion
punnet grape tomatoes halved
handful chopped fresh herbs

1 // cook a package of pasta (penne, whatever!), let it cool a little and mix 3 tbsp olive oil and 1 tbsp italian dried herbs and salt + pepper .

2 // dump over the chopped veggies + crumbled feta.

3 // mix and keep cool.

hoping for sunshine and smiles all weekend, and for yours to be full of both as well. Sayonara!
♡ ashley

Small Print: This is not a sponsored post although Sam did give us some Sinchies to test out. The verdict? Amazing. We are planning to order plenty more. 


  1. those salads look amazing!

    and thanks for the heads up about sinchies - i have a friend whose daughter won't eat fruit unless its pureed and is over buying all the pouches from the supermarket (so expensive!) and i said i thought there were pouches that we reusable....and here they are. thank you! i will forward her the site. :)

    1. they are so amazing! would highly recommend. xx



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