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March 8, 2014

This year has been full, cup runneth over full, but also messy, sticky, staining full. You know, the good, the bad, the beautiful. We have been living in chaos, juggling jobs and home. Pets and children. Friends and [no] family. It is exhausting and rewarding. I have a notebook for list making. All the to dos/ want to dos. The pages filling quickly, without many ticks. I feel snowed under at times with the things I have to do. On the flip side, I am aware of what a blessing it is to be busy. To have.
I am also trying to find my way in the changing landscape of blogging. I dove in at the end of last year to accepting sponsorship, gifts and partnerships without much thought. It was exciting and new. But new gets old and starting this past month I have made a very conscious effort to work with businesses and products that are good for my family, your family and the earth. I am working with some amazing small businesses this year. It is a choice I have made because I am able to use this space for my thoughts, my memories and also to share good. There is a lot of it. The products I share... eco skin care or cleaning products, reusable food stuff, amazing australian decor or lovely handmade clothing, I am happy to open up my arms to these types of products and in the process help them find you, and vice versa. I also offered ad space to some charity and change making businesses, like thankyou, an initiative I believe in.
I hope you, dear reader, still find something good in this space. I know change is hard. I know that many bloggers are frustrated by the commercialism that is creeping in. I vow to keep on bringing things I would want to have. Things that can make the world better. Things that are beautiful, useful or meaningful. Not just things.
♡ ashley
p.s. speaking of not just things. ecostore [goodness in so many ways] is giving away three gift packs. read more and enter here. x


  1. I don't think anybody can begrudge you or anybody else for partnering with sponsors or advertisers. I still consider your blog as lovely and very balanced xx

    1. I adore you and your space Carla, thank-you. x ashley



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