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March 13, 2014

I am a tidy person by nature. Or I was. Until my kids came along.

With Piper, I was always following along behind her, putting things back in their place. Wiping down. There was order maintained. Mostly.

With Piper and Poppy, I catch up to them a few times a day and throw the things in baskets/drawers/piles to deal with later. Sometimes we pack away together. This means I pack away while Poppy undoes my work and Piper discovers new found toys and books to devour. Good times.

Along the way I seem to have adopted some childlike organisation skills. I have a kitchen table half covered in wipes, books, paperwork, ballet gear, and the like. Folded washing that we have been choosing our outfits from in the middle of the living room. Books, letters, invoices, programs for teaching in a mammoth and very unsteady pile at my elbow next to the computer.

Out front I have managed to create the ambiance of a crazy cat lady hoarding found objects. Op shop finds I need to repair, wood and branches for a piece of art yet to be created teeter precariously on a wooden table near the front door. With an added sprinkling of unranked leaves (everywhere.) Piper adds occasional flowers and found objects to our impromptu artinstalment.

It's a fine balance. Finding the time to spend playing with the people most important but not ending up overwhelmed in clutter and 'to-dos.' In the next few days I am determined to rein supreme in simplifying. Creating order. Space. Peace within my home.

I used to have a single notebook for recording shopping lists, to do lists, writing ideas and inspirations. Then I started scribbling them on any paper I could find. Arranged on countertops and fridge doors. The first step today is collecting the bits and writing them into one place. Contained, neat, orderly.

Sometimes it feels good to find your feet beneath the chaos. To take the time to arrange and cleanse to bring order to a space and order to your mind.

Do you find you have mountains to climb at times or are you an order as the day ends type of soul? I could use some advice for how to keep on top of things. Perhaps a recommendation for a book/ website on simplifying? Off to conquer Mt. Life.

♡ ashley

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  1. Yep. Yep and more yep...I love the term "Mt. Life" and that applies to my laundry always and my dishes always. I am a "shove it in my room" person and a " maybe if I leave it it will one day magically disappear" person. I no longer read organizational books because I find most of them are written by people not like myself & they describe things that are obvious to them that are far from obvious to me. I have decided to try to maintain order according to my personality-- I whirlwind clean when I feel motivated to & I have large mounds that I try to pull off s "creative centers" the rest of the time.

    1. Ha! Love this, I think I am perhaps a mound maker and conquerer too. Can we change from that? I like your approach in not even contemplating another's ways. Do what works, always! x

  2. Your house looks *exactly* like mine. I used to be tidy, before kids. Now, I try not to let it bother me. My mom is a clean/neat freak and sometimes I think that even when my kids are older and cleaning is easier, maybe we should be just a tad messy. We'll be lived-in, and that way *they* won't grow up with the ridiculous expectation to keep a house ready for a magazine shoot at all times. In the meantime, I am totally a whirlwind cleaner when I just can't take it any more. Our loft seems to be a landing pad for things that have no home...or are on their way out (outgrown clothes, toys, books). As for me and the kids, I ONLY keep seasonal clothes out and available...everything else is in the attic (otherwise I'd have two kids arguing to wear tank tops when it's zero degrees!). I do the same with books. I keep a limited, largely seasonal, selection out, the rest are packed away. We switch it up every 2 or 3 months. We tend to go simple, waldorf style on toys, so we just don't have many out. But my kitchen island, oh my. It's a whole different zip code up there. It's one of the few places mostly out of kid-reach. It tends to be loaded with projects in all stages; mine and theirs. I nearly always have a basket of laundry on the couch. If we truly get too busy to bother, I'll put it in my room just to get it out of sight. But normally, I'm good about folding and putting away (have to keep up with those diapers!), it's just that it never ends, so the basket is ALWAYS there. I read a great book a while back on simplifying your WHOLE life with kids called "Simplicity Parenting" or something. There was some good advice in that book. Good luck!

  3. Once again, I relate. In fact . Even have a post from a few weeks ago to the same effect! I could take very similar photos to you. And I wonder how some people have these immaculate homes, complete with kids. They are having us on aren't they? How is it possible?



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