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March 16, 2014

this photo is totally not related to the post but man alive, this kid! so much goodness!
Me and an old girlfriend used to get such a giggle out of folks saying they needed to "find themselves." I used to think, you are you, it's pretty simple really. Then I had my girls and both times it changed me. As I try to redefine who I am I realise that I have lost myself. There is so much beauty out there and I have been endlessly inspired. Instagram and other bloggers have style galore. Rather than choosing a direction, the past few years I have been exploring, dabbling, searching. Until now. I have had a bit of an epiphany. An aha as to who I am now, again. 

Guiding this personal discovery is the combined force of drowning in crap alongside my go to guide for parenting, Simplicity Parenting. Each and every time I read it, it resonates with me. I believe in what is described yet somehow constantly deviate from the path of less. It is a human condition. The gathering of things. Which is wonderful if they bring happiness. All too often I have let myself be influenced by the {amazing} style of others. I am swayed from what I adore through the images and aesthetics of others. Like a teenage girl, not so much to fit in, but seeing something again and again until you want it. Need it. 

I worry about what this means for my children. The ever changing environment. Too much. This worry has led to some major soul shifting decisions.

I am taking a step back from the stuff. We as a family are clearing the clutter. Room by room. Keeping those things that we love. I am using my pinterest as a mood board. The inspirations I have pinned all have a lot in common. Beautiful artwork, wood, plants, recycled items, natural materials, space. 

The hardest part? Giving the rest of my stuff up. Letting go of stuff is a challenge all of it's own. We are entering a new level of it. I am calling it the gypsy decor. Not as in boho style. As in, if we were to pack up and return to living in a remote desert community or teaching in Spain for a year, what could we not live without? What things do we tremendously adore? What brings us joy and peace? 

I want a home filled with natural things, beautiful things, to make ethical choices, to create eco spaces. It is all possible.

I have a feeling my ways are somewhat aligned with a crazy person. A cat lady hoarder. But the bottom line is we choose our world. How we want to live. It is all a choice. There are times that we are backed into a corner {with money, jobs, etc.} but in the end we decide what we want from life.

This year and the next will be huge for my family. We are goal setting like never before. Prioritising. Focused for change and the space we crave to breathe.

Our journey begins today. With my admitting to being a wannabe. To embracing less. To clearing the clutter. Indeed less is always so much more.

♡ ashley

ps. This is not a judgement about you and your family. It is about me and my family. What we need and what works for us. Judgements don't exist in this space. I am sharing my choices. 

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  1. I have set myself the very same task, room by room. We might move soon, we might not. Either way I want to reduce. And simplify. I have been reading about the impact that too much information (I.e too many toys, moving screens, too much interesting clutter, etc.) can have on little peoples lives and how they tend to calm down as their space simplifies. There is a whole theory around it particularly with kids with sensory integegration issues. There's obviously more too it than a gut reaction on our parts. The whole tidy space, tidy mind thing hey!

  2. Totally agree with commenter above! It's so easy to "lose yourself" both with kids and the huge shift in lifestyle, and on-line communities. Great as they can be, they can also make you shiftless and shapeless.

  3. it's been too long since i read this little blog, but i am happy that i read back to this post - it was excellent. i recently began "finding myself". i am half-way through my second pregnancy, and finally have a bit of energy and feel that i need to make some changes before this new little one arrives. i have been donating and tossing tons of things that really don't make our lives feel fuller and just take up space. i deactivated my facebook. just simplifying where i can. it feels very "wannabe" at first, but eventually i think you reach a point where it becomes a daily discipline and way of life. at least, i hope it does.



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