you are clever. you are kind. you are important. you are loved.

February 20, 2014

Eons ago we watched the movie, The Help. It was a brilliant film {a much better book but that's the case 99% of the time} and left me with plenty to think about.

The biggest thing I came away with was the beautiful words that one of the characters said to the little girl in her care.

"You is kind. You is smart. You is important."

So simple and so beautiful. More than that, so important.

As a mum to two little women I am very aware of the impact my every action can have on them. The way Piper emulates me when I get ready for work/ play. Pretending to pout her lips and put blush on her cheeks. The way Poppy watches my every move. Giggling but taking it all in, every detail, already.

I am also aware of how often we women like to see the bad. To pinch our chubby roll. To stare at the spot on our otherwise smooth chin. To suck in our tummy, and stand tiptoed revealing some semblance of muscles left in our calves.

I don't want my girls to think that is who I am. Who they need to be.

This morning Piper looked at me in the kitchen and said, "you have a big tummy mama." Deep breath. "Yes I do, it was Poppy and your home and I am lucky I could grow you there." Cue a huge grin and hug from my little lady. My tummy being big means nothing to her. An observation, not a putdown. She sees nothing wrong with how I look. It's me with the issues.

And I don't want to pass them on.

So every night I say to my girl as I tuck her in

"You are clever. You are kind. You are important. You are loved." She repeats each line. With a look of pride on her face.

To make her believe it, I need to start telling myself the same. We are what we eat. We are also what we think. Love yourself.

You are clever.

You are kind.

You are important.



  1. Beautiful words Ashley, your girls are lucky to have such a clever and kind Mumma. xx



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