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February 9, 2014

1 // these two. sigh.
2 // up. down. up. down.
3 //  have you tried soap nuts? amazing things for your washing. {this is NOT sponsored!}
4 // rasta. he is getting old this fella.
5 // looking for eggs.
6 // found some.
7 // pizza sauce for the freezer. another way to use Scotch® Magic Tape...
8 // and one more, we made a house and tree for her painted animals to play in. don't forget to pop on this Facebook app to share/vote to win an iPad mini through Scotch® Make it Amazing.
9 // her portrait of poppy. i can see it.
10 // thomas. thomas. thomas.
11 // this monkey was found here this week. he looks to be acting out how we have all been feeling...returning to work has not been the easiest transition.

may this week bring smooth change. we sure do need it.
♡ ashley

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  1. that first photo is beautiful! the way you've captured poppy looking at piper...adorable!

    i love when finn looks like that at melts your heart. x

  2. What a wonderful looking week! Your girls have impeccable style! I just love it!
    I hope this week is better for you. I really struggled when I returned to work after having Millie. Actually, come to think of it, I still struggle and regularly end up in a fit of tears/tantrums at the start of the week. I really admire women who can work full time. I don't know how they do it. Part time is MORE than enough for me. Lucky my husband is incredibly patient and helpful.
    Have a beautiful one Ash. Melinda x

  3. loved these . so good!!

  4. love the photos this week, but then again l often feel like l live in your instagram feed its so similar to mine hahaha. loving the chickens and the pray4trax beads we have been using ours lots for meditation and morning yoga rituals,I'm waiting for my mama one. hopefully this week it will be smoother for you and maybe just maybe you might get a weekend sleepin. FIngers crossed hey! have a good week

  5. What a beautiful set of photos from your week:) Your two little ones are growing up sooo much and so very sweet. I haven't tried soap nuts before but have thought about giving them a try. Have a wonderful week. xx

    P.S. Sorry for not popping by in a while things have been a bit hard emotionally lately so just slowly getting back into things. x



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