on finding gratitude // 2014 // for thorns have roses.

January 7, 2014

"Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses."
~Alphonse Karr~

To follow on from how I ended 2013, I realise I am in a slump. A major slump. The new year hasn't started with new found energy or the amazing feeling of starting fresh. I still feel tired, grumpy, overwhelmed and have been using my non-inside voice quite a lot lately.

The worst part? We have been on holidays for two full weeks, I mean I can't even soak up being free. I have spent the majority of this time moping around. Which is RIDICULOUS. I keep hearing people using the term 'first world problem' and my word, this is it. 

We have an abundance of everything our hearts desire in my home. We are never hungry, cold, subjected to violence, we have books to read, a roof over our head, health & medicine when needed. 

Instead of seeing these amazing spoils, I see a closet filled with clothing and nothing to wear. A fridge of food and nothing to eat. Piper is mimicking this behaviour with a room filled with toys and constantly wandering around bored. Somewhere I fear, I have lost my way. 

I started to make a resolution list in December. Filled with all the goals I wanted to reach. But a shift has come, I need to focus on basic things first. Reading this post (I URGE you to) I realise that before I can set a goal I need to shift my mind. To be grateful. To give more love.

So this year, I will believe that I can do anything. I am capable to make the changes I want. I control my destiny. I choose to be happy. To find a way. To manifest my dreams. To be thankful for the details of my life. 

It is scientifically proven that by recognising the abundance of gifts every day brings we can be happier. Stress less. Live longer. 

I will be adding a weekly post on being grateful. This is nothing new. But it is my space and time to do it. It will be simple but help me remember those little moments I overlook and take for granted. Please join me. 

♡ ashley


  1. Ashley this sounds like just the ticket I need :) I actually had the thought of keeping a personal notebook and jotting down one thing each day. Just one thing that I am grateful for. You couldn't have said it better... First World problems. I'll join you :)

    Sophie xo

    1. oh yay! would love to see the little things that bring you joy sophie. will be posting weekly. was also toying with the idea of a daily journal but this seemed easier! xx ashley

  2. Hope you find yourself out of your slump soon. There's nothing more frustrating. A change of perspective might just be all it takes x

  3. I find focusing on what I'm grateful for does definitely lift my mood but only if I practice in regularly. I hope your slump passes soon, we've all been there that's for sure.

    And adorable photo :)

  4. Ashley, i can so relate to this. i think many of us can. we all get in a slump, and then we have to dig ourselves out. it sounds like you are on the right path to getting there. keep on keepin' on.
    on another note, i am loving the new blog look!

  5. beautiful! so important to stop and appreciate everything we have to be thankful for...good luck with your plans ;)



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