lil' fella.

December 31, 2013

These two spend more time 'playing' together everyday. Piper has taken to calling Poppy "lil fella" which tickles my giggles like nothing else.

"Come here lil fella," "Awe, you're a cute lil fella aren't you?" and when crying "It's okay lil fella, don't you cry."

So good.

See you next year folks. Tonight I will be sipping bubbly before retreating to bed by 9pm. Cause me? I'm a clever lil fella and want to soak in the sunshine on the beach tomorrow morning.


  1. Awww, that's beautiful Ashley! Piper and Poppy are so gorgeous. Also, LOVE your furniture/decorating/toy choices in Piper's room… looks so lovely and quaint. Happy New Year, sending big love from Cambodia xxx

  2. 'Lil fella'!! That's gold. I can just here some of my friends kids doing the same kind of thing. Love those moments. We are staying in for new years and have our 37 week midwifery appointment tomorrow morning!! So, no big parties here, either. We might make it to midnight for the east coast and then head to bed! Enjoy the sunshine and beach. Melania



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