a letter to 16 year old me // looking back.

December 5, 2013

Hey you with the long hair and wild smile,

Here I am, sitting in a room filled with toys, listening to the chickens squawking outside and an old Ben Harper album blaring from my computer and I am remembering you. The girl with the huge smile and so much to look forward to.

I want to tell you something really important, don't change a single thing.

Each decision you make along this journey of life will take you on such an amazing path. You are staring down on a world that you can't even begin to imagine.

I do have a few little tips to help you on your way.

1. Your parents are very cool. I know it's hard to believe but they know what they are talking about. Spend time with them. Get to know them now. Don't wait because you'll want every story they share to be told to you again and again. Savour them. Same goes for that little brother, he's a keeper.

2. You will think your heart has been broken a few times along the way. It has but don't worry, it will heal and make you stronger. You will also become smarter in knowing what you want and how to find it. You will meet that boy one day. The flutter will stay and grow and you will never want to let go. You won't need to.

3. When you look in the mirror, be amazed. You are not even a bit as jiggly and round as you think. When I look at you now I see perfection. You are beautiful. There is plenty of time later in life when you will jiggle. Now is not that time.

4. If you meet people that don't make you smile, quickly say goodbye, they aren't worth the effort.

5. The people you come across that make you smile, hold on to them tightly, you will always need them.

6. You know how awkward you feel when you are dancing? Ignore it, looking back you never want to wish you had boogied more. No one notices the silly moves you are making, and if they do they won't remember. If they remember refer to point 4.

7. A lot of people know a lot more than you do. Listen to them. Their stories will help to shape yours.

Believe in yourself, never stop believing because this world, it is tiny and perfect and yours to see and explore. Don't be afraid. Get out there and own it.

With love,

Me [you] xx

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  1. This is beautiful. Gave me tingles. Thanks for sharing Ashley. I think it very much could have been written to my 16 year old self too. Elisa xx

    1. thanks elisa, it is pretty crazy to look back at who/what you were. also inspired me in the now by doing this. xx



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