November 4, 2013

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Piper:: your hair blows my mind. i couldn't choose one photo this week- i want to always remember the way your little fingers hold lovey. the way your littleness is still here when you sleep.
Poppy:: our little ginger nut.

linking up with Jodi.


  1. I love her hair - a long time Anne of Green Gables fan I keep hoping for a little redhead! Maybe next time! And o that hand is a lovely moment. No wonder you couldn't choose!

  2. Where *does* she get that hair? Hair that red, truly RED, is so rare. Love.

    1. her grandmother and her great aunt. We were very surprised to get her! X

  3. As a fellow redhead, I LOVE her hair. She'll be hearing about it for the rest of her life....but GWAAAA!!!

  4. She is majorly shy and looks very overwhelmed by the comments already! I just hope she doesn't try to change it in her teenage years. X



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