October 13, 2013

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."
Poppy:: you spent a fair while this morning chatting to piper's owl door stop. you look like you are waiting for a response.
Piper:: you were deep in thought this morning. not wanting to talk just looking down. then you said, "i really like unicorns mama, 'specially the purple ones." never grow up my sunshine.

linking up with Jodi.


  1. oh i love that photo of poppy! so cute that she seems to be waiting for an answer from the owl :)

    and i adore the name piper! i wished it for my baby girl but my husband was not keen...so we have an olive. and an olive she certainly is :)

    visiting from jodi. i'm going to add you to my reading list too :)

  2. love both of these portraits! i really like how you caught both of them un-posed, pondering and exploring.

    have a lovely week!

  3. Your girls are utter sweetness :) I hope Poppy does get her answer soon :) And just quietly I believe that purple unicorns are the best too :)Sunny nearly burst into tears when her cousin tried to tell her they weren't actually real!

    Sophie xo

  4. Love that Poppy was talking to the door stop. Too cute! :)

  5. Oh bless. I adore Poppy's halo of hair in the sunshine. Purple unicorns are pretty special! x



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