June 12, 2013

"In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips."

in the sandwich of life, i am the ham. 
coming from being the middle child (yup) with a brother on either side, i dreamed of having a sister.
these two don't "play" just yet, unless wrestling every saturday morning counts {completely toddler initiated and controlled} for now i know play is more like a lion hunting it's prey...

but i see amazing connections and joy for them in the future. 
it makes my heart sing.

are you from a sandwich {even a club} or a cookie family?
perhaps you are a carrot stick?

♡ ashley


  1. Adorable! And so true. I am loving my sisters more each day. They play and converse together now. They push each others buttons. They can't imagine life without the other. Soon, we'll move Hazel into Juniper's room. I love watching their relationship blossom and grow.

    As for me--I guess I'm an open-faced sandwich. I have one older brother (and a smattering of step-siblings). We always played well together and I don't remember ever wishing I had a sister instead (but I did want a "baby" at some point).

    Cheers to sisters.



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