22/52 & 23/52

June 9, 2013

This time poor (aka organisation poor) mama struggles as it is to get my posts organised, photos uploaded, publishing done. So when my mac decides it's memory is full and my camera is not working properly because it has messed with it's format settings...I get behind. After finding a moment to sort it, here are the portraits, another week of playing catch up!


Piper:: Our sweet fairy. You have just hit the beautiful age of having a {strong} opinion on your daily fashion choices. This is the outfit that you chose for a fishing trip. Also a good example for just how long you hold still. Go Go Go.

Poppy:: You are just the most gentle, kind and inviting soul. What a blessing you have brought to our lives.


*both iphone photos. as explained above

Piper:: This week was your very first ballet lesson. You lasted about half the class before you stopped and sobbed. All a bit much when you still are but two. We left and you told me you were excited to do ballet class again. Why not?!

Poppy:: In your tiny hospital gown. This week saw you go under to get your tongue tie corrected. You were so brave and all of the nurses were amazed by what a happy baby you are. Even in a groggy state you can't help but sparkle.

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  1. Such lovely, brave, little ladies.

  2. Gorgeous family!!! Love how you show their personality on your shots.

  3. Beautiful photos- love these.



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