big sister.

May 22, 2013

dear piper,

you have taken on your newest role very seriously. poppy is "your baby" and you do not hesitate for a moment to let everyone who meets her know she is yours. be it by saying proudly that she is "my baby" or by grabbing and pulling her legs/arms/face with a strong and fierce ownership.

if ever poppy is feeling lonely {during quiet moments on her lambswool, sitting in her highchair...} you are sure to be there. helping her move her legs, arms, face and being sure to give very STRONG squeezes. Dad and I are so proud of you for loving her and trying to be "gentle" our new favourite and most used word around here.

you tell poppy about all the things you will do together when she is a big girl. like "playing and dancing and tea parties" as well as all the things she can't do now. "no dora, raisin toast, reading books, riding the dogs." luckily poppy does not seem nearly as phased by these things she is missing out on.

poppy gets so excited when she hears you coming. clearly pain and loud sounds do not intimidate her.

you are quite the big sister already. i have a feeling poppy will grow to be able to squeeze you here and there. until then, gently, we watch you love her.

♡ mom and dad


  1. Watching the unfolding relationship between your children is one of the best bits about parenthood I think... so precious. What a lovely post... Piper sounds like a lovely big sister xx



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