May 26, 2013

Piper:: This morning you busied yourself with getting ready for work. In the paper bag you packed some plastic keys, a hair brush, a plastic gorilla, and a wallet with 60c in it. Your two handbags are empty. Then you remembered you needed to pack a lunch...running late you grabbed a basket of food from the kitchen. Busy lady you are nowadays.

Poppy:: We suspect you may be teething. Here you are waiting for your 4 month jabs. Ever so patient and lovely.

linking up with jodi.


  1. Those big eyes are so heartmelting! French Pear sounds delicious. Wintry weather involving pumpkin soup, candles and beautiful babies sounds looks very cosy!

  2. Those eyes and that hand...so precious.
    And the box of treasures!
    Lovely images.

  3. oh piper, she loves her bonds doesn't she. how cute.



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