May 4, 2013

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013." 

I am doing a catch-up of my 52 project. I managed to pick up the camera but was much distracted from uploading to the blog. Finally, I am finding my feet...


Piper:: Easter Sunday. You are wearing the Dora pyjamas that somehow found their way in the door and scoffed far more chocolate than ever before. Don't worry, we learned our lesson and not one bite has entered your mouth since.

Poppy:: Grandma bought you a little bunny. Her name is June, also known as slobber head.


Piper:: I mentioned that lovey may need to find a new little girl to love. That same day you gripped that blue cloth tighter than ever before. Looks like you are the little girl lovey is meant to be with.

Poppy:: Three months already?! We can't believe it either!


Piper:: You LOVE your sister. Sometimes you love her a little too hard. Despite the extra strong force you use to show your adoration, Poppy is besotted  by you.

Poppy:: No one in the house can make you smile the way your big sister can. Your eyes sparkle when she enters a room.


Piper:: Helping your Daddy and Uncle Andrew wash the car. You had another idea for what to do with soapy water and a giant sponge. Top to toe.

Poppy:: Seriously?! Cookie monster with a tiny baby face, I die.


Poppy:: Such a ham. You love being around people. People love being around you.

Piper:: At the Anzac Parade waiting for Daddy to march past. You parked in one of the spots on the road to watch the world go by.

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  1. i am so happy to hear your finding your feet. your girls are gorgeous as always. x

  2. It's just amazing how quickly little babies grow and change. They're adorable together!

    xox Lilly

  3. Oh my, your girls are just GORGEOUS!! Where have the past 3 months gone? So glad you are finding your rhythm and so lovely to see your catch-up post appear in my reader. Big hugs to you and your sweet girls xx

  4. Oh Ashley, you must be so proud to have two such beautiful and delightful girls! Every single photo is amazing. I love seeing what they are both up to! Please keep posting when you have time! I'm glad you feel like you're finding your way amidst the chaos I can only imagine is two children - well done amazing Mama! x

  5. Glad to 'see' you again. Gorgeous photos of gorgeous girls.



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