in the garden.

March 5, 2013

i am lucky to have a kid that drops everything at once just to roam naked in the yard.
she soaks up the sun and earth, chases the dogs and chickens, and eats all things raw {and edible}.
getting out in the yard helps us both to clear our heads {a necessity with a toddler}.
we pick some of our greens and share them with the chickens, lamby and tookie.
then piper saves a bit for herself.
this time a stem of silverbeet.
as summer draws to a close this is what i will miss the most.
♡ ashley


  1. She's just gorgeous! Her hair is so pretty. Love. Hope you are enjoying lots and lots of snuggles with the teeny one xx

  2. I love the last naked bum photo. That is us, so often, (except inside since it's winter) when Juniper plays "at the beach." So funny!

  3. What a lovely post Ashley. Doesn't it make you feel good when they eat straight from the garden... My eldest is fond of sorrel and beans; my youngest on the other hand only eats the strawberries!

  4. It's been so stinking hot here, we've really missed our outside time. We're going a little stir crazy... You're so lucky to have chickens, one day we will get some! Cutest bum I ever did see. x

  5. They love gardening, getting and dirty and being named- especially in combination. don't they?

    You've won the My Green Lunchbox Giveaway at This Whole Family. Drop me an email with your postal address and I'll get Lindy to send you your prize! Congrats and thanks for entering! xx m.

  6. Just beautiful, priceless shot of the naked little bottom:) xx



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