finding our rhythm. mastitis. feral toddler and weekly stills.

March 10, 2013

1:: learning to 'slurp' her ramen.
2:: japanese night. lucky to have a special friend cook authentic style and deliver. think she knows the flow of my week!
3:: hanging.
4:: these two. sweet and oh so exhausting!
5:: deep and
6:: deeper thoughts.
7:: so much more awesome going up, not down, the slide.

going from one to two is a rollercoaster ride.
just last week i was waxing lyrical about being a mom.
maybe it's hormones, or silent reflux, or another round of mastitis, or a very moody teenager toddler, but this week has been very testing.
i know that this is the basic rule of parenthood. just when you think you've worked it all out and are cruising,
there is not just a bump in the road but major construction that makes life move to a full standstill.
i keep moving forward because i know right when i begin to unfold my white flag, a whole new road emerges; with empty lanes, green lights and wind to flow through my {tangled, spew covered} hair.
until then,

deep breaths folks. DEEP.
☂ ashley


  1. I know what you mean about the teenage/toddler stage. It's so tiring. gosh i hope you don't have mastitis! That would be awful. Your dogs are so cute, we are thinking about getting another as our dog is so social and she seems lonely...

    1. Sadly I have now had mastitis twice in both breasts in 7 weeks. Seriously?! Awful stuff. We got our second dog as company for our first. In some ways a great ideas, but also more work. Wouldn't be without him though! Xx

  2. What a wonderful friend to have cooking up yummy food for you. I hope that this week brings a more smooth drive with wide lanes and no bumps. Take care. xx

    1. Thanks lovely. Would be hard not to be a bit smoother a ride!! Xx

  3. You have the perfect attitude, knowing that 'this too shall pass'. Wishing you calm days ahead xx

  4. Oh I feel for you - I have had mastitis twice before and currently have a three year old who can only communicate if whining! I hope the coming week is much, much better

  5. That's always the way. Here's hoping this week will be slightly calmer and more peaceful...
    Ronnie xo
    p.s. So sorry to hear about the mastitis!!!

  6. Up, down, up, down. Oh the joys (pain in the arse) of life! Wishing you some calm, peaceful days soon where you feel like you've totally got your shit together again! ;) All of these snaps of Piper are so good, she's such a laugh!

  7. eeeek I feel your pain.. we are in the throws of another bad bout of reflux!

  8. oh that nasty mastitis. i had it twice, like you, with tate and once with scout. with scout i only used herbs from my naturopath that cleared it completely out within a day or two. once you get it, it is so easy to get again...and again. xx

  9. and for that reflux get yourself on some probiotics to help with her gut, especially if you are taking antibiotics for the mastitis it will most likely make the reflux worse i would imagine.



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