February 28, 2013

Not too long ago I wrote about my fears that I couldn't possibly properly share the love I feel for piper with another little soul. Turns out, I was wrong.

In fact, my heart has swollen and I float through my days gazing from one of my beautiful girls to the next. Overwhelmed by the fact that they (for now) are mine. 

Having a toddler is THE MOST fun. Mostly. 

Having a newborn is overwhelming but filled with moments where I can hardly believe she was ever not here, my heart explodes. Shooting stars, blinding colours. Love.

I am becoming a better mom. Learning to release. 

Sitting and holding my tiny baby. Not rushing to put her down, everything else can wait.

With my big girl, I am learning to pick my battles. 

Why yes, that mountain of dolls does belong in the hallway and the Lego man should live with our cutlery, "cause he really likes spoons..."

I see them both so clearly right now. 
Both in my focus.
They are my world.

♡ ashley


  1. Beautiful post. So glad you have settled into your new role as a mum to two beautiful girls. I too was overwhelmed at the way my love for my second just increased. Such special times. I think I may have already told you before, but when you have a moment, check out this poem I once posted about
    Perfectly suited to you right now xx

  2. I loved these words. I heard that when the second child born the love doubles!



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