the waiting game. a letter to the tummy dweller. (41 weeks).

January 15, 2013

Piper Grace- 12 hours old
Little Bug,

I expected you to come early. 

Your big sister was born at 40+10 with a little too much assistance for my liking. 

This time is meant to be different. 

I have talked to you about it every chance I have had. You know, blessing us both with a quick and manageable arrival. Letting me work with you on a kick ass entrance into the world. One that let me tell stories of my peaceful birth. Of how I was strong enough to say no to drugs. Of how you came out and looked like you were smiling.

Your sister tried so hard to stay inside. She was happy in her warm home. She screamed for longer than we wish to remember when she was torn from it. I still ache remembering her sad little eyes.

At around 39 weeks I was told you are still pretty high. No action has begun. I am closed. 40 weeks was the same.
I have followed most of the advice given. Curry, beach walks, fit ball, pineapple, red raspberry leaf tea, sexy time {as sexy as possible with a lump the size of a watermelon}, acupuncture. Nothing. 

Here and there I think you may be starting your journey. That too passes and I am left, waiting.

This week we have a special appointment to see if we have enough time to keep waiting. If you stay perched on your mountaintop, we have no choice but to say yes to an induction...again. 

This is something I will face if I need to.

Come on little bug, it's time to make your way here. Your mommy, daddy and big sister are dying to meet you. No matter what your journey.

With love,
Your mommy.


  1. Hope the little one decides it's safe to come out without help very soon.

  2. WIshing little bug decides to say hello this very evening in a calm, gentle and beautiful way. Hang in there lovely :) x

  3. Here's to your little one deciding to arrive on their own accord.

  4. They do arrive in their own way, don't they? Which is fine, until someone starts saying it's not fine. You've probably heard it all, but have you tried a chiropractor's pressure points? I didn't have to do it, but my midwives talked about stripping the membranes to induce labor, or castor oil. Normally I'd highly recommend acupuncture, but you've done that. (The chiropractor is what did it for me, but like my midwife said, "If the baby is ready, it will work. If she's not ready, it won't work.") Hang in there. You're baby *will* come, that is certain. Try as we might, we can never "choose" our births, we can only make choices to increase our likely hood of one thing or another. In the end, that little individual in your belly makes the final decision.

  5. So feeling for you. My Sprocket was born at 40+11 days and took waaaaay too long to come out and then was yanked. My Poppet was born at 40+9 days...But.. she came out so easily and naturally. I tell myself that it was all a good thing - because they had a little longer to get ready when they did come out they knew exactly what they were about and were incredibly mellow and great milkers!
    But the waiting is so hard! (I tried everything bar the castor oil...I think they just had their own clock!)
    Hoping you get to meet your little one very soon!

  6. it starts to play with your mind a bit. I hope that baby is in your arms very soon, if not already. Xx

  7. hoping the absence means there's a sweet newborn in your arms x
    ps. made the coconut muffins and THEY CHANGED MY LIFE :)

  8. My first born was 40 weeks 13 days, and my second baby girl, who is only 11 weeks old, was 40 weeks 5 days.
    Many blessings and I hope you have (had?) a beautiful birth. I just came across your blog and look forward to seeing your family!

    from Canada :)

  9. Belated congratulations. I just had my second daughter in November. I look forward to reading more about yours!



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