in the kitchen.

January 11, 2013

muffins: double coconut
bread: no knead bread
basil: for the fridge. if an overabundance in the garden you can layer basil, rock salt and olive oil. store in a sterilised jar and use on bruschetta, pasta, cheeses, etc. This is perennial basil,  not as sublime as sweet but prolific and sustaining.
nuts: granola crusted walnuts and macadamias

I am keeping up with a main goal for 2013 already {slightly assisted by idle days waiting for number 2}.
With baking and homemade treats for my family to enjoy.

The kitchen has been busy.

I have discovered smitten kitchen.

As part of my plan to not buy things we don't need {when I can avoid it!} I am putting her cookbook on my birthday wish list {July is just around the corner, right?!} The website is stockpiled with amazing recipes to keep me busy and baking.

The bread was pretty good, not quite mastered. Very hard crust, but if I got it right the first go what would that leave for me to do?!

Do you have a favourite cooking website/ book?

♡ ashley


  1. Oh I adore Deb's blog, I love how she really thinks outside the box with many of her recipes. I have not yet cooked something that I didn't love.
    Where to start..there are many food blogs that I love and follow, Heidi's 101 cookbooks would have to be close to the top of my list along with Sprouted Kitchen. For something a little closer to home check out My darling lemon thyme and Whole Promise :)

    Enjoy getting your kitchen groove on Ashley.


  2. no knead sourdough has been one of my greatest discoveries. your bread looks amazing!

    rachel xo

  3. wow and yummmm. Such a lovely little cook off. I love what you have made and I see those coconut cakes here very soon. xx

  4. Oh YES! I'm going to add those coconut muffins to my list of things to make this week too. Haven't cooked with coconut oil yet, but funnily enough have it on my shopping list as was going to try Jess' coconut bliss balls - perfect!...We've been cooking from Jamie 15 (I know you have this too, right?) - and just made the keralan veggie curry - amaze x
    ps. Um, can we talk about how you are due any day now and are prolific in the kitchen and blogland?!

  5. Your cooking looks delicious Ashley. Thank you for those links I'm always looking for new recipes to try. I especially like the sound of those coconut cakes. xx

  6. Yum what inspiring cooking going on in your kitchen. xxx

  7. You have been busy- homemade treats is a great goal for the year, these all look fabulous.

  8. Deb is my idol. I went through quite an embarrassing obsession with SK a few years ago and cooked from her blog for months! She has some amazing recipes and a real way with words. I haven't looked at her blog for over a year though, so I missed those coconut muffins - thanks for the heads up! I'm going to make them this week, they look delicious. As for favourite cooking websites, I love Heidi over at 101 Cookbooks. Happy baking (in the kitchen and in your belly! although I'm sure you're quite ready to finish baking the latter) x



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