stills {an iphone mixed edition}.

December 30, 2012

1:: Slushy organic apple juice. num.
2:: Mid Christmas morning my p disappeared. This is where she was reenergising for more fun.
3:: These two are soulmates. Giggle, play, cuddle, giggle. It's pure magic.
4:: Summer cooking- colourful and cool foods.
5:: Toddler works of art.
6:: Out for coffee- another chance for my p to reflect on life.
7:: Little swallows hung together. We scored these at a garage sale early this year, $2. The man said they were a gift his grandfather once brought from the UK for his grandmother. Why $2? and why sell? I don't know! But they have found a happy home here.
8:: Prepping for a special friend's baby shower. A box of vases, doilies, a few presents, and fresh cut flowers.
9:: A generous gift from my man and some precious friends. Love!


Things are slowing down around here.

With the passing of Christmas, we have entered a fresh and welcome phase of empty days which we can fill as we choose. Couple this with 39 degree heat {and a heat wave of more consecutive days than ever in WA history}, and we have been occupied with early morning beach trips. midday naps with fans blowing on our faces. consumption of many icypoles {icecreams, iced drinks}, takeaway pizza on the beach with precious friends, afternoon movies in air con. and calm & peacefulness.

Hoping your worlds are filled with the same.

See you next year folks!

♡ ashley


  1. Stay cool lovely one and may 2013 be absolutely wonderful for you and your family. Love your wallet (I got the yellow!) x

  2. Perfect summer shots! Love your wallet too - I was gifted an elk bag for christmas, so happy :)

  3. Can't believe you scored the swallows for $2! So envious! x



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