kitchen helper.

December 9, 2012

piper has recently become keen to help in the kitchen where and whenever she can. our apple peeler has proved the best tool for this type of help. bonus being that she gets a slinky to devour post labour. it's her favourite snack {apples have always been, this just made them royal}. some other treats she is loving...

:: ants on a log: celery, almond butter and craisins
:: red capsicum sliced into logs and made into a fire pit
:: cucumber wheels- they roll well if cut right
:: nut mix {cashews, hazelnuts, macadamias, and pecans} served with a 4 pocket muffin tin so they can be sorted and enjoyed
:: fruit toast with butter and blueberry jam- centre cut out with cookie cutters- tada: puzzle pieces
:: roobois tea with milk and honey
:: yogurt with homemade maple granola
:: banana peeled and served with a kiddie knife= success in cutting skills
:: tofu cut into cubes= brilliant building blocks
:: plain yogurt drizzled with maple syrup

meals are not as 'playful' but snacktime is meant to be fun. 
do you have other inspiring ideas for toddler snacks and meals?
♡ ashley

p.s. am hosting a bakers delight giveaway. 2 prizes of vouchers up for grabs, so far 2 entries...pretty good odds!
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  1. What gorgeous photos! And what and inspiring list of yummies for little people (and big people no doubt!) We are making coconut milk, mango, yoghurt and chia seed ice blocks at the moment. They are devoured by all of us! Thanks so much for sharing and hope your week is lovely :) x

  2. What awesome ideas! I will be stealing a few to use with my toddler! Thank you xx Love the images! The excitement on your little one's face! Beautiful xx

  3. Ants on a log! I will have to remember that one. Such cute photos! xx

  4. some great ideas. . . i think we need to shake up snack time around here!!


    ps what a beautiful bump you have. xo

  5. These photos are superb - I particularly love the way the light is reflected in your daughter's beautiful face. Wonderful.

  6. Oh your girl is just delightful Ashley. Kaizer loves the slinky just as much as Piper :)
    His snacks are quite similar but at the moment he is going crazy for fruit sorbet..his favourite mixed frozen berries blitzed in the processor till smooth and creamy.

  7. I haven't visited for a while and look! There's a bump! Congratulations. Your girl is so sweet with her red hair. I too have an avid kitchen helper (or three, some days). xxx

  8. Piper is so cute in these photos (Everly has that same top!). Thank you for all the snack ideas, I've been needing inspiration lately! And I love your new logo - it's beautiful! x

  9. Awesome snack ideas there Ashley, you clever and creative Mama. Your little gal is too too adorable, gorgeous photos xo

  10. Love the snack ideas. Can always use some more. Any quick lunch ideas? Feels like we keep running the same old wheel lately.

  11. Love your playful approach to snacks (very clever!)...and I am just chuffed to see I'm a bakers delight winner! Thank you thank you!...x
    ps. The new header is super sweet, by the way!

  12. How cute! And what a great idea to use the apple peeler and get a 'treat!' And here I was letting the boys help me bake cookies and letting them taste the sugar (so it wasn't 'bad!'). Wish I had your idea first! ;)

  13. We have one of these and our boys love it too! Piper is adorable. :)
    Ronnie xo

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