building my nest.

December 22, 2012

as the clock ticks and time marches forward i am finally done working and ready to face the next stage in this game called life. i am pretty nervous about juggling p and another new soul. i know it is something time will teach me but i do wonder how it is possible i will ever love someone the way i love my girl, that it is possible for so much love to exist.

distracting me from these 'deep thoughts' are the next few weeks of preparing and shifting. i am like a woman possessed running around sorting and stacking, making and packing.

the list:

::prepare some easy snacks and meals to keep mama and co happy and thriving- i am getting a few made each week to freeze and cook when i need to. i am also mixing some dry mix for corn bread to which i need to add only oil, milk and eggs. served warm with honey and butter is soul soothing.

::book acupuncture- anything to help this baby come on time

::first aid kit- i am slowly building a natural first aid kit {more on another post soon}


::closet- de cluttering the closet so i have simple items i adore not tons of items to overwhelm {on this note: just how many scarves does one need?}

::kitchen cupboards- stocked and ready but also cleaned out of items that have dwelled there too long

:: cleaning supplies- no more chemicals, my other half has begged me to create labels for my sprays and potions so he knows how/when to use them {also a planned future post}

::car capsule into car- we never had one with p but splurged this time and i am looking forward to easy car/house/life transitions


:: instal the little squirt and wash nappies- cloth this time {not the first few weeks} summer baby seems the perfect time to try this instead of waste

:: create a 2013 family budget- back to one income but more bills so need to find balance

lucky i also have the festive fun to distract me.
oh, and an amazing man by my side to remind me to stop, and breathe. deeply.

♡ ashley


  1. Ash, your heart will expand to unknown limits with every child you welcome into the world :)
    Sounds like you are most organised, go gently in these last weeks.

  2. it only takes an instant to fall completely and utterly in love. sending you love and light as you prepare for birth. x

  3. I is so very amazing and soemetimes quite overwhelming how you can love another child as much as your first! No doubt you will get the guilts about how much time the new bubba takes away from your bigger baby but my Dad's words always saw me through those times, "Instead of thinking about what you've taken away from her...think of what you've given her!". Such a wondrous gift! Yay for you giving cloth nappies a crack. I've been meaning to do a post on it for ages. You don't need to be all or nothing...just go with what works on the day Wishing you lovely restful days where things just fall into place :) x

  4. Take care lovely muma... this is a beautiful time. Christmas and a new baby just around the corner! It will be love at first sight when your babe is in your arms :D

    Merry Christmas and happy nesting.


    PS. Acupuncture worked well for me. But like all induction methods (natural or not so natural) they only really work when both mother and baby are ready. Sometimes babies need to get themselves in the perfect position first. But then again, what do I know! ;)

  5. I love how hard you're nesting, I've been there! And I love how hard you're trusting...that you'll have enough love to go around. You will.

    I had my chiropractor do some pressure points--they worked! I went into labor that very day.

  6. I too felt the same way but once you have that little baby in your arms you fall in love instantly with them. I do love the nesting part of being pregnant, the organising and making sure things are just right, you look like things are all in control. Beautiful photos Ashley. Take care. xx

  7. Oh I wondered about that love too. But your heart expands and is filled with more love than you imagined and your ability to give love grows stronger and stronger. It's so so beautiful. And once your second baby is here, it's like they always have been. Breathe was my birth/labour mantra. Sending you love, calm and gentleness in these last weeks xx

  8. Oh it be possible my friend, it be very possible. I used to say to hubby how worried I was about whether I'd love our second bub too. He used to laugh at me and my silliness. And I absolutely love both of my boys more than anything in the world... and I'm sure I could even love another!
    Happy nesting sweetheart, exciting times ahead xoxo

  9. Love is amazingly elastic!

  10. You are definitely in nesting mode :) I'm interested to read more about your natural first aid kit and cleaning products...

    I experienced the same worries about how things would change when our second baby was born last year... but your love just doubles, honestly. There's a sweet poem I found about this exact same feeling which I shared on my blog a while back here...

  11. A couple of my friends who recently had their second babies said they couldn't have gotten by without babywearing (and I think you've bought a couple of slings/wraps?). Also their advice - do what works on the day!

    It definitely sounds like you're nesting. I never really got that urge with Everly, but I suppose I was too busy stressing about our home reno! Haha!

    Oh, car capsule! We are definitely getting one next baby. I remember too well sitting in the car in the driveway for three hours while Everly slept because I was too frightened to move her inside! Sleep was precious in those days (who am I kidding, it still is!)

    I look forward to reading more about your cleaning natural supplies and first aid kit. We have a homeopathic kit but I'd love to know more.

    If we don't speak before, I wish you a beautiful birth and babymoon journey, Ashley! x

  12. Ashley, this is such a beautiful time in your life. So exciting - takes me straight back to my babies' births, thank you for that trip down memory lane :)
    I think you are ready to go judging by that list!
    I wondered exactly the same when my second, and third were born - how could I possibly love them as intensely as the first, but you do!! And before you know it you can't ever, ever imagine life without them.
    Thinking of you and sending peaceful birthing thoughts your way, lovely lady.



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