morning sunshines.

November 2, 2012

I have been playing the single mom role this week. Monsieur away on business and me, my rather large bump, 2 dogs, 2 chickens and a surly toddler are guarding the home. Mix this with teaching daily and a rather fussy eater {just when things are under control in other areas} who likes to wake with the chickens every morning and BAM, thank goodness Friday is here.

That all said, this face, eating my bagel with cream cheese {nothing else could pass her lips this morning}, melts me.

I am blessed.
Happy Friday all,
♡ ashley

p.s. have just ordered this whole foods for children book. anyone had a read?


  1. Oh who could resist that adorable face! *melt x

  2. Sounds like you have your hands full- but that is a cute little bagel face :) Happy Friday!

    xo Lilly

  3. Aww look at the cute little face:) I do love Friday's the best too. I hope your weekend is a lovely one. xx

  4. Sounds like a huge week Ashley, enjoy your weekend and that gorgeous girl of yours. xx

  5. cute little face! Happy (belated, or early) friday to you too! xx

  6. What a cutie :)

    I hope you get to slow down and put your feet up soon.

    I love that book and I use it quite frequently in our home. I especially like the apricot, date and coconut butter balls and the apricot biscuits. Mmmm.




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