embracing life.

November 9, 2012

Mornings had never been my favourite time of day. I could stay in bed, with the curtains pulled tightly closed, pretending it was still night and closing my eyes to seal out any light that did find it's way to me. 

Even once Piper was born, I struggled to grasp how I could be out of bed {at evil times like 4:30} and often took hours to come to terms with the day.

Things have changed. The other morning when I opened my eyes, this is what I found. A little soul watching the birds in the garden. She embraces life. She celebrates moments and wants to savour every hour of the sun being in the sky.

I am learning so much every. single. day. of this motherhood journey.
Embrace light.  Embrace life.

♡ ashley


  1. These little ones certainly are life changers - in all of the best ways! x

  2. Love that photo.

    I hate mornings but I also hate the curtains drawn together!

    We learn so much about ourselves when we have children to teach us.

  3. Oh that is too sweet Ashley. I like to savour as much of the darkness as I can too, because really, it is my only time I'm ever alone to rest or think. I also never wake to a sight quite so gentle and lovely. The boys are 'ON' from the minute they wake up and therefore I have to be ON too xo

  4. So gorgeous, what a precious moment to have captured. I find mornings hard still - just those first eye-open moments when you've only slept for a few hours straight and can't believe it's morning. Somehow the day always seems to go ok in the end though x

  5. Oh Ashley! A very belated congratulations to you, I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes very very well. Your little Piper...little darling. Beautiful mama, you. Hope there is a little bit of time to put your feet up every day. Hugs from a far. Jeana xx



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