November 15, 2012

The kitchen has been getting a workout. I am not sure if it is the inevitable nesting bug {32 weeks?} or just a need for more wholesome and delicious meals in this hectic space but we are cooking as a family and loving it.

If only I thought to take some photos as we create. A few have been captured.

I lived in Japan for two years when I was young and miss the quick gyozas and ramen noodles that we could devour as fast food. Craving was sorted on a night home alone {p sleeping} with a homemade and veggie version. Simple and divine.

 1:: wonton wrappers and chopped red cabbage, sprinkled with sea salt and ground black pepper.

 2:: fill dumplings and use a fork to make the edges...frilly.

 3:: serve with a sauce of ginger, soy, rice wine and chili flakes. Kimchi ramen necessary to accompany.

:: this scrumptious mix is a recipe for apple, oat & maple slice. Found at this scrumptious space.

:: we ate it as both a soft granola bar and warmed up with vanilla bean ice cream. 

Proof of kitchen life. Messy but nourishing. As I am learning all areas of life should be.
♡ ashley


  1. So much yummy goodness! Those wrappers sound delicious as does the granola bar.

  2. Ooooo yummO! You are either seriously nesting or intending to start up a delicious restaurant.
    Would love to see a bump pic, 32 weeks, WOW! Not long to go :) xo

  3. I've never heard of gyozas. They look delicious. And I've been meaning to try Natalies apple, oat and maple slice too! When I was pregnant with Skye I couldn't stop baking cakes and with was baking bread. And yes, mess is a part of life isn't it? I'm learning to look at mess in a new light. I like to call it happy mess ;)

    I hope you're having a beautiful week Ashley.


  4. Yum .... those dumplings and sipping sauce! Kellie xx

  5. Yummo, those gyozas look delicious! They are going on my list of meals to try, along with rice paper rolls (can you believe I've never made them myself?!). I tried Natalie's oat slice a few weeks ago - delicious. I need to make it again!

    Messy but nourishing - I like this. I will remember it xxx

  6. Ooo they look lovely! So glad you tried the slice :) and thanks for the sweet mention. X



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