November 17, 2012

1:: kitchen windowsill. some of the best goodies for cleaning and cleansing.
2:: vintage sheet and much loved toys.
3:: swallow mobile. soon to mesmerise a new soul.
4:: nappy collection.
5:: catching dreams in the nursery.
6:: bedside.
7:: blooming raspberries.
8:: my new read. inspiring.

enjoy your weekend, we will as the sun beams down over us here.
♡ ashley
bits and pieces inspired by bleubird vintage.


  1. I love that mobile! And your new read looks great too! My first visit here, look forward to following along x

  2. I'm such a sticky beak, I love people's bits and pieces posts ;)

    (i'm halfway through that book too)

  3. gorgeous bits and pieces. we had our first raspberries this week. yum.

    rachel xo

  4. hi ashley

    great blog you have. i love the dream catcher.

    lets be blog friends, im at

    ellie xxx

  5. I'd love to pick your brains about the cleaning products. That's the one thing left on my list I want to 'make' myself. What's your recipe?

    I read Simplicity Parenting when Everly was very little, I loved it. I need to dig it out again. It completely changed our lives!

  6. Those swallows hanging from your ceiling are gorgeous! Love them. :)


  7. All looks gorgeous in your world that mobile.

  8. What a beautiful space I have stumbled across here! Can't wait to follow you on this lovely journey. Your pictures are just beautiful! And Simplicity Parenting...genius. Wishing you a gorgeous week full of cups of tea and sunshine.
    Steph :) x



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