springing to life.

October 10, 2012

As a Canadian I adore the cold weather winter brings here in Western Australia. There is no snow and ice to fight through every morning, just crisp air, wooly socks, thick sweaters and a need to stay indoors and cuddle up with my knitting and hot cups of tea.

But I am cheating on this innate nature I have. I am falling in love with spring and summer. 
Perhaps becoming an Aussie has impacted me more than I know!

Hello spring, you sweet thang...

We got two bantam chickens a few weeks back. They are the sweetest birds, and make extraordinary pets.
They aerate my soil, eat food scraps, give cuddles to little miss 2, and provide us with eggs. A quick rake and hose of the pen weekly and we have no barnyard scent in the yard and an amazing addition to our compost. 
Wins all around. 

Piper named them very quickly, Tookie and Lamby. Every day she chases them through the yard and they survive trauma free. Clever cluck clucks.

My garden is turning over. The broadbeans, coriander and basil are all that remain in the beds. Our apple and lime trees coming out of hibernation. Raspberry bushes and strawberries turning green and ready to start climbing and hanging. I have planted loads of seeds {this is the BEST place I have bought from, not a sponsor but how I wish they were!}. 

Check out the yin yang bean seeds {above} that a green thumb neighbour shared with us. 
Mother nature is amazing.

I am sure that winter will understand that I am not cheating, merely exploring my opitons.

Happy humpday folks.
♡ ashley


  1. It all looks so good, Ashley. Those seeds are amazing!

  2. I do love chickens they make such wonderful pets for children and with the added bonus of giving you lots of eggs, fresh eggs are the best. I've never experienced a real winter with snow, I would love to one day but my favourite season would have to be Spring. xx

  3. What fantastic lessons for Piper to experience; growing your own produce and loving life with sweet chickens! How wonderful :-)



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