October 3, 2012

There is something about springtime. 

Sunshine, fresh air, blooming and buzzing, and that incredible feeling that we can start over.

Cleanse, refresh and shift our views.

Life has still been moving faster than my legs can keep up. Many days I am a hamster in a cage. 
Wake, eat and feed all the critters, fly through shower {ahh, to pamper again}, dress, dress another, pack lunches, zip out the door and arrive at work feeling as though surely I have already lived the day. 

I have fallen into a slump, work ends, and post hurrying through some quick and not so hearty meal, and wrangling a surly and daycare tired toddler through food and bath, I sit {flop} in front of terrible for the brain tv until my eyes fade and monsieur pokes me in the arm to make my way to bed. 

In between I worry about money, mortgages, how we can afford another soul to join our pack.

Rinse, repeat.

So spring, we have a little deal we need to make. 

My 5 Spring Things.

I promise to do more of the following if you, dearest season, promise to make me feel renewed, to help me shift.

:: Clean out the closets and under the beds. Donate to others and empty the home of the clutter. Shift the clutter to those who need the bits and pieces that it is compiled of.

:: More books. Less TV. Sort the books on the shelf waiting to patiently be devoured and do just that. Devour.

:: Meal plan with care and love. Back into the garden to eat what is growing. Savour.

:: Pamper. Burn oils and candles to shift the dense hangover of winter rain and refresh our souls. Sit in the tub and relax. Shift.

:: Create a budget. Plan for the things we really want. Pay off the things that make us choke and find balance to make work less because we have to and more because we want to. Shift.


Anyone out there ready for change?

Off to skip through a field of daisies, or a closet of woolens....

♡ ashley


  1. "shift" is a really good term for it, definitely been feeling some shifting around these parts too. x x

  2. Oh love, this post speaks volumes to me. I need to organise, de-clutter, do more for ME etc etc... It's so easy to get caught up in the every day & find ourselves in a big fat rut. Good on you for bringing about some positive change Ashley, hope it brings relaxation & calm into your world xo



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