my girl.

October 15, 2012

I have been forgetting to use my camera lately. All too tied up in my phone being handy and tiny enough to be bothered lugging about my DSLR. There are the odd times at home when I pull it out and capture my girl in her moments.

She doesn't jump up to the camera, my phone plays music and has grandma on the other end, the camera is something she is used to, a quiet sibling from once upon a time.

I have been loudly cheering for spring's arrival and another thing that it has brought is the end to the sniffles around here. A revolving door of colds are finally at bay.
The sofa shots are when P had her last virus, with a fever of 40 and spent the day doing nothing {this never happens}. Looking at these reminds me of how tiny she is. Curled up like when I carried her in my belly. There is another tiny soul who will join her and I hope I don't forget that she is still a baby too.

She is my baby.

The ritual of bedtime stories is an important one here. As is her blue cloth {lovies} that go EVERYWHERE and do EVERYTHING with her. Occasionally daddy is lucky enough to have one placed on his head too.

♡ ashley


  1. I just love the last photograph and the story book that goes with it. Beautifully captured. Look forward to seeing more of your DSLR photos.



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