sunday yumday.

April 2, 2012

more kitchen shenanigans.
We drove to a little organic farm today. Loads of local, organic produce. A notebook to write your total and a tim box to put your total amount in (cash only). I love that places like that still exist. We left with a bounty of passionfruits, kale, corn, potatoes and apples.

1. steamed corn and soaking kale.
2. windowsill joy.
3. potatoes ready to roast. home picked rosemary.
4. the secret ingredient for the best darn cooked kale around.
5. couscous- another of our favourite 'fast' foods.
6. my sous chef was quite distracted with trying to nick the bagel chips.

♡ ashley


  1. Oh I wish there were more places like this closer to the city.
    It all looks so delicious.
    Love ACV in warm water :)

  2. Ooo yummy, I imagine your place smelt divine with all of those beautiful aromas cooking up. How sweet your little gal looks in her pink jumper, gorgeous! xo

  3. That all looks so good- how I love rosemary! Great pictures.

  4. That little pink jumper! Oh!



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