April 14, 2012

dear avocado, i love you too.

I have been lazy with getting out my actual camera and turned to instagram to document my week. I blame the school holidays and inevitable laziness that ensues. I do like that it walks me through some of the things that have happened to make me smile this week. Sorry to those who have already seen some of these. Without further week that was...

This morning tricked me for a moment, I thought boot weather was here, it lasted a few hours. I think mother nature is often confused.

Morning coffee tastes better when brewed in vintage corningware. truth.

Baby treats. I am like a moth to a flame for these things.

Come to mama dreamy wardrobe. I could stare at this all day.

Waiting patiently for the popsicle to drop (the dogs not me).

Time out, even though this lasted for about 67 seconds I savoured it.

Dollies, my word, my world is now filled with dollies. They come to bath, bed, food shopping, kitchen cooking. Bless.

New favourite icy pole. Organic cloudy apple juice= Happy little P= Happy big me.
*Warning, do not try to sit in a trolley at home kids, this takes master skills.

Happy weekend.
♡ Ashley


  1. Ohhh such gorgeous photos, as always. I totally know what you mean about getting tricked by the weather... this time of year always does it to me. I'm yet to pull out the uggs, but it's borderline most mornings now xo

  2. I love looking at your photos! I too have a similar avocado love and having eaten an entire one ( a service to my family it was going 'off' ;) ) I am hoping to buy some more today!

  3. That avocado picture is awesome! Sometimes the phone really is easier than lugging around a camera and there's less pressure to compose a perfect shot. Thanks for sharing these!



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