dearly neglected.

April 22, 2012

Well hello dear blog.

All is well in our nook. We are in that good place, the calm after the storm. Saying it that way means that {hopefully} things will stay as good as they have been.

P has been funny and sweet. She goes through some pretty trying changes at times and can be a bit of a, ummm, handful. Just as quickly she emerges a new and more improved (developmentally) version of her former self.

More language, movements and better interactions with the world.

We moved around the house and the shui in here is bliss.

Justice is not served by my recent snaps. Focused on some of the tiny details. I am creating again, ideas flowing, dealing with neglected projects (like a little web shop that has been set on the burner for nearly, gulp, three years).
Am taking the time to feel good about me.
6am boot camps are calling my name, healthy foods, pretty op shop skirts and dresses.
A new (the old) me is here. It only took 21 months from the birth of my precious girl to feel like the person I knew for so many years. That I am okay with too.
It's what makes moms amazing creatures.
The ability to lose and find ourselves all whilst balancing a little creature on our hips and hoping to find time to wash our hair/ have a cuppa/ sleep.
This mom treated herself to some new shoes too.
 Coveted for a long time and finally scored.
Happy week folks, hope a spring is reaching everyone's step.

 x ashley


  1. Good for you on taking time to care for yourself too! She's crazy cute of course- and great that everything is going along so smoothly.

  2. beautiful pictures and words. your world sounds like a good place to be right now!

    rachel xo

  3. Oh this is so true Ashley. There is certainly no time frame for when Mama's start to feel themselves again. For both of my boys, it didn't happen for at least 12 months... and even then, it was a modified version of my former self. So glad to hear things are going well for you all now though, sounds like you're very much at peace with your surrounds and that is always a good feeling.
    Gorgeous photos! xo

  4. Everly and I just came out of one of those trying times (oh it seemed to go on forever!) and over the weekend she has emerged into a new little person. I always know she is going through a development stage when I get really tired/cranky/exhausted/shouty, and just when I'm at breaking point and ready to pack my bags and sneak off to the airport in the middle of the night, Everly is suddenly funny and sweet and we both feel much lighter. Very clever things they are :)

    I still haven't found the new/old me. She's hiding under piles of washing and sleepless nights. I'm glad you have though! It sounds like fun! :) xx

  5. It is so important to find that time to look after you and good for you it sounds like your in a great place. Such a beautiful photo of you and your little one. Have a wonderful week Ashley. xx

  6. Those shoes are divine. And the pictures...I am always so in love with your photographic eye. Hugs from Lexington~

  7. Glad you are experiencing some calm and feeling like yourself. You are right, such a balancing act this parenting malarky!

  8. It's lovely to read something like this. Just a little reminder about the (beautiful, cleverly designed, utterly natural) ebb and flow of motherhood...

    ...oh and your little girl is SUCH a cutie x



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