January 29, 2012

the heat wave here in wa is leaving us a bit housebound. there is nothing appealing about melting.
40 degrees means we have spent the day turning the house upside down, eating watermelon and generally hiding from the sun.
there is a bit of an art to entertaining an 18 month old without running outside. i have not yet mastered it, but am getting there.
off for another game of cars racing daddy's boot.
♡ ashley

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  1. I hate too much heat but, living in the UK, it's not something I endure very often! I love the photo.... a few tips on entertaining an 18 month old grandson inside the house would be appreciated - winter here means quite a lot of staying inside.

  2. WOW, I have been seeing your heat wave on the news. Extraordinary country we live in, it's raining constantly over here and temps not getting above about 27. I'm a heat and sunshine girl, so it's kind of doing my head in a bit here. Maybe we should swap ;o)
    Love that pic, so colourful and action packed. Good luck with keeping your inquisitive 18 month old in check... having one of those myself, I know it isn't easy :o/ xo

  3. I love this photo~ it really captures the heart of your home.
    xo from Lexington~

  4. You've been having such hot weather over there for such a long time. I hope things cool down soon, maybe some of the rain that we're having here can blow over your way to cool you down. Lots of craft is always fun to do with little ones, playdough is a great entertainer I've found my girls still love it even now. I love the glow of your photo Ashley, it's beautiful. x

  5. What a great photo ... Love that rug!!



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