num nums.

January 11, 2012

bum bums.

i never thought i would be the one to speak to my baby in funny baby words. as an early literacy teacher i believe children gain the strong foundations of oral literacy at home. thus, the fact that i say 'num nums' and 'doo doo' about 50 times a day is hilarious.

this week we have been loving the num nums on offer.

white cherries and organic sultanas.

lunch, dinner and snacks in a brown paper bag. tvp (fake meat), kale, chickpeas, soy crisps, edamame, strawberries, black beans and broccoli.

some other yummy finds include this blog filled with amazing eye candy.

some of the gear i just ordered from american apparel. with 30% off ♡.

listening to this amazing album on repeat.

oh happy days.
pop over to catch up on my 366 photo page.
♡ ashley


  1. that first photo is so so so beautiful! In fact, I'm loving everything in this post. Num num!

  2. Love that first pic too....I have a similar one of Kaizer sporting a hat, it's so cute!
    I think it's a given that we end up speaking baby talk at some point, try as you might it's hard not to. Num num is one of Kaizers favourite words :)

  3. That first photo is just adorable! Little bum bum's are the cutest aren't they :o) xo

  4. Very cute bum, yummy food and a fantastic album.
    Loving things at your house!



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