1/ 366.

January 1, 2012

my girl loves herself some fresh cherry tomatoes from the veggie patch.
bluish tinge on left temple is a yowzah bruise from a full swan dive off the back of our sofa and connection with the edge of a bench. ouch.
but nothing loads of cuddles couldn't fix.
my girl.
happy new year. it is for us.
♡ ashley


  1. Ah, she is scrumptiously adorable bruises and all!

    I'm still trying to work out how to blog this project..don't think the separate page is going to cut it so maybe one post a week in review?

  2. Oh, she is growing up so much Ashley.
    Yep, bumps are all a part of the fun - especially from 1-2yrs as they find their feet.
    Happy New Year lovely.

  3. Happy New Year! She's a darling x

  4. Look at that face - what a cutie, even with the bruise.

  5. WOW! That is a shiner... and I thought it was just my crazy boys that did rough and tumble things like that!
    Poor little lady... she is still super gorgeous, bruise and all :o) xo

  6. She's so adorable! Can't wait to follow this next year~



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