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December 3, 2011

The last week came and went quickly. Our small town continues to unite to fix the devastation of a force much stronger than we could control. Pieces are picked back up and things continue in a way as they were.
In my home, piper failed to notice anything was out of the norm.

she is her own force of nature.

some days i step on the fields of goodies strewn from spot to spot and forget to smile at the joy each holds. she wore my sandal on her hand while running with a book and yelling CHEESE MEOW. how cool are little people that those moves don't have them committed and instead swell our hearts and make us want to scoop them up and savour them.
Sucking out the marrow of life.

i bought this garlic at the farmers market. organic. dirty. $5 a head. ouch. it was that awkward moment of realising it was a bit rich for me but being in too deep to a conversation with the farmer who grows them. once upon a time it was shoes that i would pay far too much for and feel the twang as i handed over my credit card. now it is garlic as i pinch through a change purse for some coins. my times change.

The op shop gods have smiled down on me this week.

They smiled down on piper too and we have little people to share her love of digging and running.

The white one is queen size. $5. The other double $3.

as a teacher of little people i often forget to bring some of the ideas to my home. this recipe makes fabulous play dough. milk tops and jar lids for cookie cutters, a block as a roller, some play pans, we had a full on dough party. it has the added benefit of being a salty snack.

tree is up. daggy decorations are hanging. yes, friends that is indeed a sparkly can of bud.
tis the seasons folks. whoop. it. up.
♡ ashley
p.s. any idea why picasa refuses to make my photos big?


  1. What a lovely post Ashley :o) The littlies are a force of nature, that is for sure, they don't even stop for air around here ;o)
    Oh your op shop finds are delightful, love those old granny blankets.
    Hope you have a great week ahead Ashley xo

  2. so much goodness in this post - and from one granny blanket lover to another... that white one is pretty damn spesh! x

  3. Ahh I totally know what you mean about that moment you realize something is too expensive but it's too awkward NOT to buy it.

    Love the stripey crochet number

  4. This is the first time I've dropped by. You have a beautiful blog. Thanks.



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