December 19, 2011

i have been the master slacker blogger this year (and last).
things keep distracting me.
i am taking a bit of a purposeful break this month. next month that will all change and i shall become a 365 er. even bought myself my domain as an early treat (motivator).
my mission is to snap a photo a day, making 365 over 2012.
*edit*these will be posted as often as I can but no longer than a week shall divide posts. posting everyday is just crazy town.
my gratitude journal for the year. i was inspired by this blog.
the pretty lady over there points out that anything you do for 21 straight days is habit forming. this one seems better than smoking or crack, so i am in.
crossing my fingers from the 1st of january and the 21 days following that.
easy peasy.
any takers?
happy holidays folks and see you in 2012.
wishing you all the joy and silliness you can find.
♡ ashley

p.s. yes, indeedy, i did add snow to an already out of focus tree shot. feeling the festive spirit right down to my bones.


  1. Your tree looks gorgeous! Merry christmas to you & yours x

  2. Sometimes life just gets the better of us hey?
    I have been toying with doing a photo a day but need to give it more thought before committing :)

    The happiest of festivities to your and yours Ashley.


  3. I have thought about doing a photo a day for a whole year ... just not sure I could keep it up.
    Maybe, maybe, maybe I could?

  4. Happy Christmas and all the best for 2012! Looking forward to your daily updates :) I've been a bit rubbish and must do better. I have a year off work, so more daylight for photos! :) Becky xx

  5. I love this idea!!! Hmm....I might just join you. I shall see!!!!
    xo Megan

  6. Sounds a great photo project - look forward to following your progress .... there are some great photos on here!

  7. Hi Ashley,
    Thanks for stopping by! I was wondering how you were going. Piper has grown! I'm well, still in Alice, summer holidays right now, and home near Geelong for Christmas....
    Lou. X

  8. Sounds like a plan!

    Happy Christmas to you and your family! See you back here next year :) x



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